Translation of spool in Spanish:


carrete, n.

Pronunciation /spul//spuːl/


  • 1

    (of tape, film) carrete masculine
    (of tape, film) carretel masculine
    (of tape, film) reel masculine River Plate
    (in fishing) carrete masculine
    (in fishing) carretel masculine
    (in fishing) reel masculine River Plate
    a spool of thread un carretel de hilo River Plate
    • In many cases, the data just sits there, unexamined, on spools of magnetic tape.
    • In addition, the company offers a new 3,500-yard king spool in its 304 rayon thread, with 35 shades available.
    • In A Midsummer Night's Dream, he takes his name from the term for an empty reel or spool used in weaving, though it obviously has additional comic implications.
    • The LP record became a spool of tape; the spool became a cassette; the cassette became a CD; the CD became MP3.
    • And I listened to the old tape with the scrawled track listing and the spools that squeaked when you turned them, and became a fan forever.
    • The little dab of opaque glue that attached the other end of the film to its spool yielded a second white form at the lower right.
    • One glance at a photo of a scraggly-bearded Wilson, clad only in underwear and spools of magnetic tape, and the disinterest shown by station managers becomes quite understandable.
    • The expatriate's urban cityscape is assembled from large spools of colored thread, empty liquor bottles, and toy cars.
    • Startlingly, her creative materials include marker caps, spools of thread, tacks, stickers, and pipe cleaners.
    • As it turns, the moulin draws the warp threads from another device that holds a row of spools, the separate threads coming together into a single skein as they are wound onto the frame.
    • If they were found with copies of the video in their newsgroup spool then they could be liable for prosecution.
    • It began as a bulky analogue box running spools of tape.
    • In a circular metal container is a spool of audiotape that records the sound of snow falling.
    • He has created exact and intimate renditions of domestic items such as a bottle-opener, a pen and refill, a box of matches, a needle and a spool of thread out of wax.
    • On top stood a tiny covered, glass candy dish, which held a ‘bonbon’ made from stacked spools of thread.
    • Some of the visual referencing could come from the regular pops and scrapes in the vinyl, which are reminiscent of the sound of a spool of film being fed into a projector.
    • Cool as those bloody moments are, they fail to provide any depth or continuing sense of upset once the film spool has wound away.
    • In several sculptures, painted yarn and spools of thread are made ambiguously tactile by offering hard surfaces on objects one knows to be soft.
    • They're basically spools of line hung on the wall with bells attached.