Translation of sports car in Spanish:

sports car

coche deportivo, n.


  • 1

    coche deportivo masculine
    carro sport masculine Southern Cone Latin America
    auto sport masculine Southern Cone
    auto deportivo masculine Southern Cone
    • ‘They defined sports cars,’ Eason says, ‘and made sports cars more stylish and affordable.’
    • In fact, early on in his career, he would leave miniatures of his work on expensive sports cars in Beverly Hills along Sunset Boulevard.
    • The next picture is that of modern day advertising, with sports cars cruising along winding highways to tired strains of electronica.
    • He drives a sports car and behaves with the arrogance of a once famous person.
    • The 37-year-old bachelor owns a yacht, planes, a helicopter and a collection of sports cars.
    • Performance tires, often found on sports cars and sport editions, provide more grip.
    • Inside, spotlit and presented luxuriously, were the latest Porsche and Jaguar sports cars.
    • A royal Shakespeare Company production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ featured sports cars, swimming pools and hypodermic needles.
    • In his spare time, Menard races sports cars and go-carts.
    • The Morgan car company has done this with its sports cars aimed at the connoisseur segment of car buyers.
    • They would spend it on Italian suits, English sports cars, and apartments with exposed brick walls.
    • In his late seventies, he bought a sports car, a red Porsche, and that was a surprise.
    • They still go home to their big houses in their foreign sports cars.
    • While luxury and sports cars typically define automotive beauty, monster SUVs are the latest trend to hit the industry.
    • Another problem is that many people are swayed by ‘conspicuous consumption’ - we see our neighbours' flash sports cars and wish for one ourselves.
    • This year, for every ad featuring sports cars zipping up country roads or beer steins filled to the brim, another touted the advantage of an online or full-service trading account.
    • The ‘shiny, young faces you see in sports cars and in suburban supermarkets’ aren't all that ‘shallow and empty.’
    • A midlife crisis usually makes people think of gray-haired men with sports cars and very young women.
    • If you have a sports car, consider joining the specialist car club associated with it and find out how to take out cover through a specialist insurer.
    • One of the most delightful small sports cars of all time has to be the Mazda MX - 5, which, since its arrival on the international scene in 1989, has won firm friends all around the world.