Translation of spot check in Spanish:

spot check

Pronunciation ///ˈspɑt ˌtʃɛk/


  • 1

    control o inspección realizada al azar
    spot checks on cars revealed that … inspecciones realizadas al azar en varios vehículos revelaron que …
    • BBC Radio Five Live's Breakfast programme has carried out a spot check on the number of lorry drivers spending too long behind the wheel.
    • The end-user should perform regular spot checks to keep the machine on track.
    • Periodic spot checks on bin content by the collection teams ensure that the right materials are directed to the right bins.
    • Its property management service includes spot checks, a documented inventory service, cleaning, furnishing packages, maintenance and repair services, and round-the-clock guest services.
    • The Revenue Commissioners have also increased the number of spot checks on boats moored in marinas around Ireland.
    • Meanwhile, a system of spot checks keeps prices in line.
    • The landlord had arrived at the premises earlier in the afternoon to make a spot check, only to find that his tenant was not at home.
    • In our spot check of more than 30 different routes, we found savings that ranged from as little as $5 to as much as $75.
    • It's important for management to get behind the bar often, open the register, and do other spot checks for visible signs of stealing.
    • The Scarborough scandal was uncovered when a spot check by the Audit Commission of 41 hospitals in England and Wales revealed that all but three issued false figures.
    • A spot check of people out shopping on a nice spring day offers insight into what must be a growing phenomenon: the company store.
    • One wonders what would have happened had the Inland Revenue carried out a spot check.
    • When she appeared before magistrates five days later she was given an interim ban, but was caught drink driving again when police did a spot check on her car.
    • If it were possible to check every person every time, we would not have a problem with crime, which is why spot checks are only relatively effective but still very necessary.
    • Their normal job is to pull trucks and buses off the road and make spot checks of steering, brakes and so forth; they know the firms and drivers, and are known by them.
    • Employees can refer complaints to the inspectors, who can then carry out spot checks of employer records and workplaces.
    • Standing up, I suddenly remembered that I hadn't done a spot check of all of the tables upon arrival.
    • If you don't believe me, do a spot check on some of your production databases.
    • The husband had me do spot checks here and there on her six months later, a year later.
    • Instead PC Jones carried out a spot check on a central Bradford pub.

transitive verb

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    police were spot-checking drivers at the frontier en la frontera la policía estaba realizando controles al azar entre los automovilistas