Translation of spotted in Spanish:


de lunares, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈspɑdəd//ˈspɒtɪd/


  • 1

    (material/tie) de lunares
    (tie/material) a lunares
    (material/tie) de motas
    (material/tie) a motas
    (material/tie) de pepas Colombia Venezuela informal
    a spotted dog un perro con manchas
    • a spotted cow una vaca pintada
    • The spotted fur cape he wears in many pictures reinforces this wilderness imagery.
    • In Dear, a spotted fawn stands in a field of daisies, gazing at the viewer with a moist brown eye.
    • They raised cackling laying hens and pastured fat, spotted steers.
    • The natural philosophy that first attempted to rescue human beings from the mechanics of science now has been extended to all organic life from the spotted owls of our forests to valued bacteria in our soil.
    • The spotted owl case of 1990, which put federal forests in the Pacific Northwest off limits for logging, is one of the most notable.
    • He walks a Dalmatian down the street and carries a black-and-white spotted banner in a parody of identity and affiliation.
    • The right side of his face was not entirely immobile, but rigid, as though molded from some obscene plastic, and above it the bare front of his scalp was frail and spotted brown, like a quail's egg.
    • The white canines are splashed with glossy brown, giving an effect something like spotted fur but more like a spill or an abstract painting.
    • The black-and-white spotted machines, which serve dairy products exclusively, were installed in schools at the beginning of the school year.
    • The cover shows a man in white suit with a ridiculous polka dotted tie, even more absurd spotted socks, and clownish white and black shoes.
    • Edmund Spenser in his Amoretti sonnets compares his love with a spotted panther who attracts with beauty but shows no mercy and is cruel.
    • Unlike the more familiar and common pea aphid, relatively few spotted alfalfa aphids can significantly reduce the growth of alfalfa, particularly in new seedings.