Translation of sprawl in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /sprɔːl//sprɔl/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (sit down) sentarse de forma poco elegante informal
    (sit down) sentarse todo despatarrado informal
    (lie down) tumbarse de forma poco elegante informal
    (lie down) tumbarse todo despatarrado informal
    (fall down) caer de forma poco elegante informal
    (fall down) caer todo despatarrado informal
    he was sprawling all over the sofa estaba tumbado en el sofá todo despatarrado
    • he sent him sprawling with one punch lo tumbó de un golpe
    • Out on the desert white figures lay sprawled dead and dying.
    • Mel sprawls off the bed and onto the floor, staring up at me with an expression that says she's hurt, betrayed, and disappointed.
    • Nearby a drunkard, almost nose-to-nose with a pig, sprawls on the ground.
    • Lenny sprawls on a couch, cigarette and scotch close to hand, while Rorem plays through some obscure songs by Paul Bowles.
    • But on the left the nattily dressed Manet, with hand on his chin and one leg folded under him, sprawls on a sofa.
    • To the reader comfortably sprawled before a good fire it may seem a little stagey, as if he was speaking for effect.
    • The camera drops to the ground, and the cameraman sprawls out onto the ground, blown a few feet backwards.
    • Morvern Callar begins with a young woman waking up to find her lover dead, sprawled on the kitchen floor.
    • The wheel rolled out from under me and I went sprawling backwards.
    • The brothers sprawled in the annihilating heat under the trees.
    • As she told me this, Eddie sat across the room, sprawled at his father's desk, reading a few pages of my stuff.
    • Jade falls to her knees and sprawls out over the ground next to Mar.
    • The story ends with both lying together sprawled on a bed, as ‘Figures, waiting to be arranged’.
    • They sprawled together half on the pavement and half in the gutter.
    • It collapses beneath her weight and she sprawls lifelessly to the floor.
    • Carol sprawls out on the bed as Simon tears off his cast triumphantly and sketches her, again and again.
    • I was standing in a forklift with Mark looking down over Mimi sprawled with her face in the snow.
    • A second corpse already lay sprawled at the policeman's boots.
  • 2

    to sprawl across / over sth extenderse por algo
    • her large handwriting sprawled across the page su letra de trazos grandes y desgarbados cubría la página


  • 1

    (of built-up area)
    expansión feminine
  • 2

    (of person)
    she lay on the bed in a sprawl estaba toda despatarrada en la cama
    • he fell in a sprawl cayó cuan largo era