Translation of spray gun in Spanish:

spray gun

pistola pulverizadora, n.


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    pistola pulverizadora feminine
    • Automotive paint circulating systems generally circulate to the gun, which requires a two-hose arrangement to the spray gun or color changer.
    • Timed spot freezing is performed with a small spray gun that typically holds 300 to 500 ml of liquid nitrogen.
    • The paint used was water-based, allowing Oliver to mix it down for use with the spray gun.
    • At one point, I even contemplated getting a chocolate spray gun for further ammunition.
    • As an old meatworker, I think I could do a better job than that, with a bit of masking paint and a spray gun.
    • In a bowl, combine the chocolate and cocoa butter and transfer to an airless spray gun.
    • The detail of one drop station is displayed showing a manual spray gun with connecting fittings and hoses, fluid control, mini-filter, fluid quick disconnect and stem.
    • Dry powder comprised of resins and pigments is pneumatically fed from a supply reservoir to a spray gun where a low amperage, high voltage charge is imparted to the powder.
    • There are basically three types of thermal spray guns: plasma, combustion-flame, and two-wire electric arc.
    • Then, using a touch-up spray gun, the area is painted.
    • The finish can be applied with either a brush or an air compressor and spray gun.
    • The white background functioned like a witty surrogate for the gallery wall, and the brush reintroduced the intimacy of human touch that had been obliterated by the mechanized spray gun.
    • The two chemical components flow through the two tubes and are mixed on the fly in the black spray gun.
    • All patients denied exposure to environmental contaminants, except case 2, who worked as a wall painter and claimed minimal exposure to spray guns.
    • For maximum visibility and effectiveness of the bunker, don't be afraid to experiment with the spray gun until you get it just right.
    • Student aides then clear-coated the tiles with a spray gun and air compressor.
    • It will draw the paint directly out of your 5 gallon paint pails, through the hose and into your spray gun.
    • Police said the fire was caused by an electrical short circuit, while the company claimed it originated from a thinner spray gun.
    • Clearly this is aimed at spray cans, but it can include spray guns and all kinds of things like that.
    • For the preparation and application of all the different paints and coatings it stocks a complete range of abrasives and polishes, as well as spray guns.