Translation of spray paint in Spanish:

spray paint

pintura en (e)spray, n.

Pronunciation /ˈspreɪ ˌpeɪnt///


  • 1

    pintura en (e)spray feminine
    (e)spray masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    pintar con (e)spray
    • Many of them are looking at a curious message spray-painted on the side of the tower.
    • Adam takes a shine to Evelyn, and she gives him her number, spray-painted on the inside of his jacket.
    • I also urge the martial arts club to stop spray-painting offensive slogans about our rivals on the walls.
    • Disabling them is fundamentally different from protesting in the streets or even the trivial offence of spray-painting graffiti on signage.
    • I heard that every house and shop had a large red X spray-painted on the door to indicate that it had been searched.
    • He was caught spray-painting anti-Israeli slogans on university buildings twice during the summer.