Translation of spread in Spanish:


extender, v.

Pronunciation: /sprɛd//sprɛd/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(in space)

      (legs/arms) extender
      (sails/wings/map) desplegar
      (fan) abrir
      the peacock spread its tail el pavo real desplegó la cola / hizo la rueda
      • I like to have room to spread myself me gusta tener espacio para estar a mis anchas
      • Their pudgy little hands are variously balled for punches, or raised in preparation for an opened-handed smack, fingers spread wide.
      • An enormous phoenix emerges from this skeletal volcano and spreads its wings.
      • Changing to tabletop position, place the palms of your hands - fingers spread, pointing away from the wall - where your heels were.
      • During such occasions it is usually the flag dancer who handles the flag or explains it in the presence of others in the company, who may help him spread it out.
      • When it kicked at night and woke her, Emma spread her fingertips over the foreign swell that was her own body and imagined the baby spoke to her in a secret, atonal humming.
      • In this work, filled with vigorous movement, the eagle rises with its wings spread across the width of the sheet, exhaling smoke as it drags a metal trap clamped to its talon and tied to a broken branch.
      • At the end, the entire cast advanced toward the audience, arms spread wide to envelop us in their Romantic reverie.
      • Upstairs on the third floor landing she is waiting for him, arms spread wide in greeting.
      • They fashion a diamond shape between them by spreading their legs slightly and joining the soles of their feet.
      • To make a roll, spread the fingers of the opposite hand wide apart and make them rigid.
      • You saw it when he walked along the street, his arms spread wide.
      • Wings spread, it appears poised for flight, ready to soar over Lake Michigan, an opalescent blue in early summer.
      • And both men, talking to Marion, make a long, strong movement with their hands - Sam spreads both arms wide to agree with her, Norman's right arm will reach to a small, stuffed, nocturnal bird.
      • She looks upward, her wide eyes and almost-open lips seeming vulnerable, her elegant fingers spread and wrists bent outward in front of her so that her hands frame the strong bones of her face.
      • Radio 1 presenter Sara Cox spreads her legs and gets stuck into a skateboarding simulation.
      • His hands - fingers spread - graze the surface of the quiet water while his eyes, black and narrow, attest to the mystery of childhood.
      • They are spreading their bodies out, their weight is differently distributed.
      • At times, Adamma leapt up in the air with knees still bent and spread her arms wide.

    • 1.2(in time)

      the plan allows you to spread the cost over five years el plan le permite pagar el costo a lo largo de cinco años
      • Splitting the gig up into an acoustic and an electric set gave them the opportunity to spread the gig over two hours.
      • In fairness, he spreads his venom equally between her and the other subjects of his book.

  • 2

    • 2.1

      (paint/glue) extender
      (seeds/sand) esparcir
      to spread butter on a piece of toast untar una tostada con mantequilla
      • the papers were spread all over the desk los papeles estaban esparcidos por todo el escritorio
      • our resources are thinly spread hemos tenido que estirar nuestros recursos al máximo
      • she has spread herself too thinly ha tratado de abarcar demasiado
      • The 3D printer spreads one thin layer of powder over the print bed, then passes over the powder just as an inkjet printer head passes over paper.
      • The living quarters and studio spaces are spread around these two main parts.
      • ‘The wider the coverage, the less light the bulb projects because you are spreading the same amount of output over a larger area,’ explained Scott.
      • Livestock are grazed to maintain and enhance perennial plant communities and spread manure over the ground.
      • He began by collecting cow manure from the village, which he spread on his fields - an uncommon practice in the area.
      • Manure can be spread as a solid or semi-solid in a box or flail spreader.
      • Frequently observed in connection with cabin groups is a tendency to spread the effects of their presence over a needlessly large area.
      • Farmers commonly spread manure on their lands, a practice that often results in excess phosphorus being applied.

    • 2.2

      (news/knowledge) difundir
      (news/knowledge) propagar
      (knowledge/news) divulgar
      (influence) extender
      (rumor) hacer correr
      (rumor) difundir
      (disease) propagar
      (fear) sembrar
      (culture/ideas) diseminar
      (culture/ideas) divulgar
      (ideas/culture) difundir
      she's not one to spread gossip (around) no es de las que andan con chismes
      • to spread the word hacer correr la voz
      • Already people are volunteering to work with him on it, and once word spreads it seems likely that Johnnie will have more cast and crew than he knows what to do with.
      • And we, his children, simply by being his disciples and spreading the word, had became the first generation of kids to validate and popularize a comedy genius.
      • Visitors from America, Australia, and Canada, and from Japan as well, received a lot of negative coverage of the disease in the media, and some people decided not to visit the UK to avoid spreading the infection.
      • Surviving into his 90th year, he got nearly four decades, post-Warner, to spread the good word about classical cartooning and to hear quite a few thrown his way.
      • However, the conference definitely fulfilled its role of connecting people and spreading news, methods, and strategies.
      • I just think it really spreads the word for our designs.
      • This might be a good venue to spread your propaganda.
      • Moreover, most of these exhibitions are accompanied by major catalogues that confirm the status of these photographers while spreading their reputation still further.
      • I note above the importance of textiles in spreading the message that the Mongols had created an empire.
      • It's about systematically spreading this cultural idea of artists and writers having a space where intellectual publics can work together.
      • These are all effective ways of spreading the good news.
      • I am beginning to realize that one of my major beefs with mixing design and politics stems from celebrities using their platform to spread their propaganda.
      • But beware, there could be someone out there spreading impurities about our profession.
      • In this way, they spread disease, plague, leprosy, typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, and so on.
      • Chuck a few flyers around select shops, harass the eardrums of certain people ‘in the know’ who will spread the word to the right people, then sit back and let the ensuing hype escalate.
      • So then, if the electorate is tending to think in and act on smaller and smaller (not to say, more concise) messages, why not spread the word on T-shirts?
      • The program is all about young people like Holder being trained to speak with brutal honesty, and then to spread the message to literally thousands of students that there is a way out of violence.
      • When you do write criticism, are you looking for more notoriety, or to spread your opinions, or just to earn money, or is it something else?
      • You're going to spread your gospel the best you can.
      • There is merely an earnest desire to spread some Yuletide fun and to tell a straightforward story of devotion, determination, and delight.

  • 3

    to spread a piece of toast with butter untar una tostada con mantequilla
    • spread the surface thickly with adhesive aplique abundante pegamento sobre la superficie

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (disease) propagarse
    (liquid/fire) extenderse
    (ideas/culture) diseminarse
    (ideas/culture) divulgarse
    (fear/panic) cundir
    (influence/revolt) extenderse
    the news spread like wildfire la noticia corrió como un reguero de pólvora
    • the fashion spread across the entire continent / throughout the continent la moda se extendió por todo el continente
    • the plague spread to Europe la plaga se extendió a Europa
  • 2

    (in space)
    (coast/plain) extenderse
    their empire spread from ... to ... su imperio se extendía desde ... hasta ...
  • 3

    (in time)
    the period spreads over three years el período se extiende a lo largo de tres años
  • 4

    (paint/butter) extenderse


  • 1

    (of disease) propagación feminine
    (of education) extensión feminine
    (of ideas) difusión feminine
    (of ideas) divulgación feminine
    (of ideas) diseminación feminine
    (of nuclear weapons) proliferación feminine
  • 2

    (of wings, sails)
    envergadura feminine
  • 3

    (range, extent)
    a broad spread of opinion un amplio abanico / espectro de opiniones
    • five schools have been chosen, to give a representative spread para ofrecer una muestra representativa, se han tomado cinco colegios
  • 4

    margen masculine
    diferencial masculine
  • 5informal

    festín masculine
    banquete masculine
    what a marvelous spread ¡qué festín / banquete más espléndido!
  • 6

    before noun cheese spread queso cremoso para untar masculine
    • sardine spread pasta de sardinas

    pasta para extender sobre pan, tostadas etc

  • 7

    Printing Journalism
    it was advertised in a double-page / two-page spread/a full-page spread venía anunciado a doble página/a plana entera
  • 8USinformal, dialect

    finca feminine
    hacienda feminine Latin America
    estancia feminine River Plate
    fundo masculine Chile