Translation of spree in Spanish:


Pronunciation /spri//spriː/


  • 1

    out on a drinking spree de juerga informal
    • he went on a spending spree salió a gastar dinero a lo loco
    • they went on a killing spree salieron a matar a todo el que se les pusiera por delante
    • Since then, the company has gone on a massive shopping spree, acquiring and building some 14 different packaging and processing plants and dairies.
    • Outside the movie theaters, a similar drinking spree was taking place.
    • Or is this all some crazy convoluted crime spree by a local lunatic?
    • The subsequent killing spree accounts for the fates of many of the minor characters.
    • Well, Leela, you'd wind up going on a killing spree.
    • Gangsters used to be criminals who took off on crime sprees and lived to be hunted by the law.
    • My nationwide shopping spree focused on the latter.
    • To that end, he hooks up with a thug who provides him with a gun and an opportunity to fuel a spree of mayhem.
    • We became friends, and went on a shopping spree in Oxford Street.
    • There they trade, with relish, tales of their killing sprees.
    • Shortly after their killing spree, we notice John is having trouble sleeping, and he begins to look more and more haggard.
    • Together they embark on a high-class crime spree across Europe.
    • At a press conference, a police spokesman spoke of the alleged crime spree as being clearly provoked and not really worth prosecution.
    • The result is a spree of robberies, culminating in ‘one last big job.’
    • In 1957 Charlie, then 19, went on a killing spree.
    • Were they really on a hiring spree since October?
    • Imagine my surprise, then, when I happened upon this compilation album, during a recent shopping spree around London's record shops.
    • The tabloid wants evidence of who's behind the crime spree.
    • Visitors at the store could also register for a $2,500 shopping spree and other in-store giveaways.
    • One rationale behind the buying spree was to be able to offer different products to different market segments.