Translation of sprig in Spanish:


ramito, n.

Pronunciation /sprɪɡ//sprɪɡ/


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    ramito masculine
    • To remove a leaf from its sprig, Patten grasped it gently by the stalk and pulled it back towards the branch of the limb to prevent tree damage.
    • The long, white tunic the ghost wears is girded by a belt with a sprig of holly symbolizing winter tucked in it, but spring flowers hem the bottom of the tunic.
    • This great match of flavours was served with a little sprig of fresh fennel, which led the charge of the other flavours through the creamy goats cheese.
    • In four months, the sprigs they plant will have branches three to four feet long.
    • I turned to her and saw that she wore a white dress with little sprigs of wildflowers printed on it.
    • The task was difficult, as the sprigs were barbed with large thorns, and the fragrant resin stuck to their fingers as they broke the sprigs from the angular branch.
    • You notice that there wasn't a sprig of parsley or even a strawberry on the plate.
    • After the tree was done, she turned to the mantle, adding tinsel and pine sprigs to decorate the area around a few red candles.
    • Ivy twisted through sprigs of flowers, adding green here and there, and rose trellises climbed the stone walls that encircled the gardens.
    • He had come in peace, he said, for he carried a sprig of holly and wore no armor.
    • By the time they leave, they've planted more than 300 sprigs.
    • He hands out three-foot-long willow sprigs, a half-inch in diameter, cut from trees on the property.
    • In 1984 Depue planted a dozen sprigs at Jacob's Fork, a mined mountain that had lain dormant for 20 years in McDowell County.
    • With not a sprig of holly in sight, it is the perfect anti-pantomime for the festive season.
    • I got the pine sprigs from a tree outside in the courtyard.
    • This is a complex wine that will sparkle as an accompaniment to a tall glass of bone chillingly cold lemon sorbet with sprigs of mint.
    • The knight wore no armor, but carried a sprig of holly in one hand, and an enormous axe in the other.