Translation of spring in Spanish:


saltar, v.

Pronunciation: /sprɪŋ//sprɪŋ/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(leap)

      I sprang out of bed salté de la cama
      • he sprang over the wall saltó el muro
      • the cat sprang up onto the table el gato se subió a la mesa de un salto
      • to spring to one's feet levantarse / ponerse de pie de un salto / como movido por un resorte
      • to spring to attention ponerse firme
      • to spring into action entrar en acción
      • [no object] the engine sprang into life de pronto el motor se puso en marcha
      • tears sprang to his eyes se le llenaron los ojos de lágrimas
      • to spring to sb's aid correr / acudir en ayuda de algn
      • nothing springs to mind no se me ocurre nada
      • the branch sprang back and hit me in the face la rama saltó como un látigo y me dio en la cara
      • the door sprang open/shut la puerta se abrió/se cerró de golpe
      • She shook away the questions that had sprung unbidden to her mind and focused on the present.
      • The horse just sprung into the air and came backwards right down on her.
      • Violet suddenly sprang forward and seized her by the arm.
      • He springs up when he sees me and approaches the car.
      • The two men behind her suddenly sprang into action, rushing forward, each one grabbing him under an arm.
      • Courageous motorists sprang to the aid of two elderly women trapped in their car after an accident in North Yorkshire.
      • Before Whitney had a chance to really answer, Jay sprang from her bed.
      • One man is at the head of the boat, and he springs off first as they touch land.
      • Jimmy then sprung up, opened the door, and saw his four best buddies.
      • Even some of his political foes sprang to his defence.
      • Then the leader sprang forward toward me, pointing his gun at me.
      • He sprang to national prominence when Armagh qualified for the All-Ireland final of 1977.
      • He sprung to prominence last season when he scored the winner at Rochdale on his full debut.
      • Suddenly one of the men sprung forward in an attempt to grab Rachel.
      • The door suddenly swung open, and they sprang apart.
      • In a instant, the door was open and he sprang into the room.
      • Chloe then sprang out of her bed and went to her closet.
      • I quickly sprung out of bed and into the shower.
      • They hid behind the doorway and listened, preparing to spring out and attack if needed.
      • Suddenly, the cat sprang from the bed and pushed its way through a small hole in the door.

    • 1.2(pounce)

      the tiger was poised to spring el tigre estaba agazapado, listo para atacar
      • to spring at sb/sth
      • the dog sprang at his throat el perro se le tiró al cuello
      • she suddenly sprang at him de pronto se le tiró encima / se abalanzó sobre él

  • 2

    • 2.1literary

      (stream) surgir
      (stream) nacer
      (shoots) brotar
      to spring into existence aparecer de la noche a la mañana
      • where did you spring from? ¿y tú de dónde has salido?
      • The profile of the penthouse buyer is as diverse as the number of developments that have sprung up in recent years.
      • Lights were slowly springing up all over the city and the stars began to appear over head.
      • New developments, apartments, balconied villas, shops and restaurants are springing up everywhere.
      • Where the blazes did he spring from?
      • She hugged me again and new tears sprang from her eyes.
      • Everywhere you turn in Glasgow it seems another new development with an evocative name is springing up.
      • For those who want to enjoy the attractions of Durban without being trapped in the city, a number of coastal resorts are springing up.
      • Large commercial developments are starting to spring up in the town.
      • Then, almost unnoticed, a playful breeze sprang up, which turned rather suddenly into something stiffer.
      • She was concerned about the number of industrial buildings that were springing up near the motorway exit close to her home.
      • A string of high-priced flat developments has sprung up across the centre, and selling agents are reporting huge demand.
      • Gale-force winds spring up with little warning, whipping the surface of the lakes into a frenzy of white-capped waves.
      • They hauled the fish on board - this time I was up on the cabin top filming - a somewhat precarious perch as a stiff wind had sprung up and the boat was rocking quite wildly.
      • This population boom is reflected in the number of new houses springing up along the little roads leading to and from the village.
      • New dive operations and resorts have sprung up everywhere.
      • Many theories and approaches to development have sprung up in the past fifty years, including the post-modernism anti-development.
      • There will be lambs in the fields soon and bulbs springing up.
      • Coffee shops were also springing up in the provincial cities.
      • Controversial new masts are springing up across Hampshire as a new high-tech police radio system is set to be launched.
      • Little interesting places to eat are springing up like tulips everywhere on Centre Street North.
      • Wood processing facilities have sprung up in many areas of the United States in recent years, particularly in areas with high landfill costs.
      • Selling books is big business with branches of Waterstones, Blackwells and Ottakers springing up all over the place.

    • 2.2

      (doubts/ideas) surgir de
      (problem) provenir de
      his aggression springs from his inadequacy su agresividad es producto / resultado de su ineptitud

transitive verb

  • 1

    (produce suddenly)
    to spring sth on sb
    • they did rather spring it on us nos lo soltaron así, de buenas a primeras
    • he sprang a surprise on them les dio una sorpresa
  • 2

    (mechanism) accionar
    to spring a trap on sb sorprender a algn con una trampa
  • 3

    to spring a leak empezar a hacer agua
  • 4

    (fence/gate) saltar
    (fence/gate) saltar por encima de
  • 5informal

    (prisoner) sacar de la cárcel
    (prisoner) ayudar a fugarse


  • 1

    primavera feminine
    (weather/showers) (before noun) primaveral
    (showers/weather) (before noun) de primavera
    in (the) spring en primavera
  • 2

    manantial masculine
    fuente feminine
  • 3formal

    origen masculine
  • 4

    salto masculine
    brinco masculine
  • 5

    (in watch, toy) resorte masculine
    (in mattress) muelle masculine
    (in mattress) resorte masculine Latin America
  • 6

    elasticidad feminine
    to walk with a spring in one's step caminar con brío / energía