Translation of spring fever in Spanish:

spring fever

fiebre de primavera, n.



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    fiebre de primavera feminine
    it must be a touch of spring fever la primavera la sangre altera
    • As the darkness shortens, and as days lengthen, birds get spring fever.
    • When the snow finally melts, spring fever will take on many meanings in Calgary.
    • Along with our spring fever comes the need for carbon.
    • Soon now, the first bout of spring fever will hit us.
    • Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is praying that Arsenal catch a case of spring fever to throw the Premiership title race wide open.
    • He had an acute attack of spring fever and was unable to leave the neighborhood.
    • Please remember this important advice should spring fever strike today and you find yourself rampaging towards the bedroom whilst ripping one another's clothes off.
    • It's not the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer or the mug-swinging excitement of Oktoberfest, it doesn't even have the anticipatory rush of spring fever.
    • Hollywood, it would seem, has caught spring fever.
    • It's staying light until after 6: 00 PM now, and I'm beginning to feel a little bit of spring fever.
    • Of course, there's another sure-fire sign of spring, too: a distinctly human phenomenon known as spring fever.
    • I'm curious whether people are bored with me, or if spring fever is luring readers away from their keyboards and into the great outdoors.
    • He didn't know why he did it; it was probably spring fever or just plain stupidity, rather than anything Freudian.
    • A few kids had spring fever and claimed it a worthy reason to skip finals, but I went to school every single day.
    • There's a name for that tendency, too: spring fever.