Translation of sprinkler in Spanish:


aspersor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsprɪŋk(ə)lər//ˈsprɪŋklə/


  • 1

    (on hose) aspersor masculine
    (on hose) válvula feminine
    (for sugar, salt, flour) espolvoreador masculine
    (on shower, watering can) roseta feminine British
    (on shower, watering can) alcachofa feminine British
    (on shower, watering can) regadera feminine Mexico British Colombia Venezuela
    (on shower, watering can) flor feminine River Plate British
    • If you do use overhead sprinklers, water during the early morning so your plants have time to dry before nightfall.
    • The main method of irrigation for peanuts is overhead sprinklers.
    • Irrigators are responsible for the costs of all on-farm irrigation equipment such as pipes and sprinklers.
    • Unlike overhead sprinklers, no water is lost to evaporation.
    • There was a water sprinkler to wash down the streets after the market.
  • 2garden sprinkler

    aspersor masculine
  • 3

    (for firefighting)
    rociador masculine
    before noun sprinkler system sistema de rociadores masculine
    • Areas of the building prone to fires must have fire alarms and automatic sprinklers.
    • A senior fire officer in charge of the incident had ordered sprinklers at the premises to be turned off.
    • Law said some 70 building owners already contacted by the ministry have agreed to install sprinklers.
    • He also admitted that Bedfordshire Fire Service had recommended sprinklers be used at the centre.
    • The fire alarm deploys a curtain covering the paintings, and then activates the sprinklers.