Translation of sprint in Spanish:


(e)sprint, n.

Pronunciation /sprɪnt//sprɪnt/


  • 1

    (fast run)
    (e)sprint masculine
    to make a sprint for the bus pegarse / echarse una carrera para alcanzar el autobús
    • He continued his mad sprint, putting fifty meters between himself and the house.
    • During the last 10 seconds of your 60-second recovery jog, crank up the speed for your next sprint.
    • By then I felt a little bit steadier and we started a fast sprint down the streets.
    • My cool, air - conditioned hotel room opens directly onto the beach and, of a morning, it is an effortless 100 metre sprint into the clear, warm waters of the ocean.
    • Her trainer actually has her do very quick uphill sprints before she starts a workout.
    • The hallway ran a length of fifty feet, but he cleared the distance in a sprint.
    • But Radcliffe clinched victory with a superb sprint as the pair came within sight of the finishing line.
    • Gott ran a well-judged race, shadowing one of his rivals and overhauling him in a sprint finish to win bronze medal.
    • The tension has been telling on both sides as campaign strategists struggle to identify potential winning themes, not to mention winning voters, in their headlong sprint to the finish.
    • A lifetime as a news reporter accustomed me to running sprints, turning out stories on tight deadlines.
    • In the first race Brighton and eight other riders broke away from the bunch to set up a sprint finish.
    • I've also been joining the Road Runners for weekly runs that vary in length and type, including slow jogs, hills, sprints and speed running.
    • Tal forgot where he was and ignored the stubborn pain in his leg, running at a full sprint.
    • Robinson, who was clearly in severe pain, picked himself off the floor and made a spirited sprint to the finish line where he collapsed in a heap and was attended to by an off-duty paramedic.
    • The race began with a 200 metre sprint down the street - and no practice run.
    • We are in this for the long haul; it is not a short sprint but a marathon run!
    • Over the past couple of weeks they would have been concentrating on more football in training, plenty of reaction drills and short sprints, which should ensure a much sharper performance.
    • We start with 10 60-yard sprints with 7 to 10 seconds of rest between reps.
    • I broke into a sprint and ran the rest of the way home.
    • In the final sprint for the line Gill timed his effort perfectly, crossing the line with two lengths to spare and saluted the large crowd.
  • 2

    (short race)
    carrera corta feminine
    the 200m sprint los 200 metros planos
    • Teams then lined up on the water for two rounds of 400-metre sprint racing.
    • He was also a Lancashire athletics sprint champion and a more than adequate club cricketer.
    • Lenton also remained undefeated in sprint freestyle, winning her 4th gold medal of the tour.
    • Helen Chervitz, a former Ukrainian junior national champion in the freestyle sprints, now lives in the United States.
    • The best sprint hurdler of her generation is favourite to claim the gold medal that has eluded her twice.
    • Hushovd lived up to his potential last year with a series of impressive sprints only to finish second to Robbie McEwen in the battle for the green jersey.
    • Radanova was world champion in 2000, when she won the 500-metre sprint.
    • Dave Browne got things started with fifth and sixth place finishes in the 60m sprint and the long jump.
    • By winning the final sprint, the Australian champion prevented German Erik Zabel winning a seventh successive green jersey.
    • I hope to take up athletics and would like to compete in either the 100 metre or 200 metre sprint.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • I sprinted back up the stairs and collapsed onto my bed.
    • Luckily, however, a walker, who was following the same route as the couple, sprinted to the rescue.
    • Having sprinted 40 yards, he stuck out a hand to claim the ball just inches from the ground.
    • Ana's mother sprinted out back to find her daughter standing with her hands over her face sobbing.
    • Just than a passing youth snatched the woman's handbag and sprinted off, throwing it to another boy on a bike.
    • I saw what was happening and sprinted to the main road and then down the hill after her.
    • Faye squealed, the two of them sprinting back toward the ladder as fast as they possibly could.
    • He pulled into the school parking lot, doing a haphazard parking job and sprinting across the asphalt.
    • Alan Duggan scored a wonderful try, scooping up a loose pass from Barry John on the halfway line and sprinting for the corner.
    • It took all my control to stop myself sprinting down the driveway and knocking him flat.
    • He sprinted to catch up with the man, but he had already disappeared.
    • Alex was still breathing heavily as if he'd just sprinted a long distance.
    • I grabbed my backpack and sprinted out the front door.
    • As soon as he went down, she took off, sprinting down the street.
    • The man fled, vaulting a ticket barrier and sprinting for the platform.
    • Ignoring the pain, he sprinted toward the gate like a runner at the end of a marathon.
    • She stood up and elbowed him in the back before turning on her heel and sprinting for the stairs.
    • Mr Todd got out of his car and sprinted across the car park to be the first police officer on the scene.
    • At 3 o'clock, the doorbell rang and I sprinted to the front door.
    • The thieves sprinted to a waiting car, where they had two accomplices.
  • 2

    (run fast)
    I had to sprint to catch the train tuve que correr / echarme una carrera para alcanzar el tren
    • I sprinted after him salí corriendo tras él a toda velocidad