Translation of sputter in Spanish:


petardear, v.

Pronunciation /ˈspədər//ˈspʌtə/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (engine) petardear
    (fat/candle) chisporrotear
    she was sputtering with rage/indignation farfullaba de rabia/indignación
    • The engine sputtered and leaked steam and water, but it ran, better than I'd expected it to.
    • We went on for about five more minutes, and then the car sputtered again, and stopped.
    • Sure enough, about 15 minutes later the tap sputtered and a feeble flow of water began.
    • If the filter gets clogged with dirt, the car sputters and stalls.
    • Even our jeep sputtered from lack of oxygen and finally stopped about a mile from the top.
    • The walls danced with red ochre light as the flame sputtered and spat.
    • The engine sputtered to life, and the car pulled back.
    • A second later the engine roared, sputtered and then turned over as the aging car came to life, the noisy motor provoking shrieks of anger from the sparrows nesting amidst the roofs.
    • Then, at 5,200 feet, the engine sputtered and, without any input, went up to 72 percent.
    • The engine sputtered, struggled and finally roared to life.
    • The chestnuts on the fire sputtered and crackled noisily.
    • The dust filled her lungs, making her sputter and cough.
    • The engine sputtered and smoked and eventually stopped.
    • The bike's engine sputtered and then roared back to life as the two of them hopped on.
    • The engine coughed, sputtered, then died altogether.
    • A few moments later an engine sputtered from somewhere nearby.
    • The enemy plane, its engine sputtering, lost altitude and turned back toward Pola.
    • Behind me, Drew's car sputtered down the street, the sound getting fainter and fainter as he took a corner and drove off into the night.
    • It roars to life and sputters noisily, but Hill assures me this has nothing to do with the biodiesel; the van just needs some work.
    • They made their way back to the door, the fire hissing and sputtering all around them.