Translation of square in Spanish:


cuadrado, n.

Pronunciation: /skwɛr//skwɛː/


  • 1

    • 1.1(shape)

      cuadrado masculine
      (in fabric design) cuadro masculine
      • We all think of a line segment as being one-dimensional, a square two-dimensional and a cube three-dimensional, but what does this really mean?
      • To make pinwheels, cut heavy paper or Mylar into 8-inch squares.
      • Since 1800 B.C. mathematicians have worked on the problem of constructing a square equal in area to that of a given circle.
      • The 2 X 0.5 m board was divided into four equal sections, with each section divided into 25 squares of equal size.
      • I chose matte ceramic tile for the countertops, and taupe and white matte vinyl squares on the floor.
      • They come in two shapes, either a square or a hexagon.
      • Over breakfast he got a Weetabix carton and cut out two squares and glued them together.
      • By painting the backs of glass squares ordered from a window glass supplier, you can create distinctive coasters - for yourself or for gifts.
      • Flooring consists of basic white ceramic squares interspersed with alternating colors of 1-inch glass mosaics.
      • He was wearing a woollen cap and a fleece jacket with white squares on either side of the zip.
      • Geometric shapes originate from the square, circle or triangle and organic shapes are free-flowing shapes found in nature.
      • Carpet tiles come precut in twelve- or eighteen-inch squares.
      • As the lessons carried on, Heather began drawing small squares on her paper.
      • He arranges thin rectangles, squares, triangles and trapezoids in complex patterns on the wall.
      • The Suprematists took the art of painting and porcelain making to the ultimate extreme of complete abstraction, using the geometrical forms of the square, circle and cross.
      • The beer garden is a concrete square out back, bordered by two brick walls and a grey stone tenement.
      • Roll out the puff pastry on a lightly floured board and trim to a 25 cm-wide circle or square.
      • Choosing a darker hue, such as violet, I began by drawing three squares.
      • Because the square and pentagon have equal areas, they are isoparametric.
      • In all the pieces, the 12 squares are subdivided into four equal sections by painted lines that stop short of the middle.
      • In a large room next to a hangar, two huge boards are covered with small paper squares in yellow, purple and orange.
      • The problem of squaring the circle, namely constructing a square with the same area as a given circle using ruler and compasses alone, had been one of the classical problems of Greek mathematics.
      • Circles, squares or collages of geometric shapes executed in bright acrylic colours float freely on the surface of his paintings.
      • Needlework is an integral part of this craft and motifs are in basic geometric combinations - squares, triangles and diamonds, says Naveen Shah.
      • The walls were lined in mirrored squares and there were even small spotlights reflecting off everything.
      • Roll out the puff pastry to a square, measuring about 24 cm.
      • The quilt is made up of calico squares.
      • Geometric designs are created by piecing or patching together triangles, squares and rectangles.
      • Cut out 8 squares of tightly woven muslin, 8 squares of felt, and 8 squares of autumn or seasonal print material.
      • Using a utility knife cut a small square out of the lid to serve as a picture frame.
      • Its flag has alternating red-and-white stripes with a dark blue square in the upper-right corner which contains a star.
      • Look down at the floor and you will see it is made up of black and white tile squares some of which spell out obituaries for Ginsberg, William Burroughs and other significant cultural icons.
      • Adding sticky-back mirror squares at the back of a shelving system of this sort magnifies the space.
      • His digital prints are slightly larger than a record cover, but just as square, and divided into a further four squares, each containing a different image.
      • We selected a small square of sand bordered by several logs and overhung with a leafy screen and set our bags to the ground.
      • Triangles, squares and hexagons create their own proportions and systems.
      • One method would be to take squares of cloth and make little pillows about 4 inches square stuffed with herbs or nicely scented potpourri.
      • She turned it over a couple times in her hands before she finally opened it and out fell a piece of paper, folded into the smallest square it could be.
      • Every circle was inscribed inside a square such that the sides of the circle just touched the sides of the square.
      • In addition to the traditional graphics such as triangle, square and circle, designers adopted a lot of irregular patterns.
      • It's a piece of plywood with squares cut out of it.

    • 1.2(of cloth, paper)

      cuadrado masculine
      trozo cuadrado masculine
      a silk (head) square un pañuelo de seda cuadrado

    • 1.3

      (on chessboard) casilla feminine
      (on chessboard) escaque masculine
      (in crossword) casilla feminine
      to go back to square one volver a empezar desde cero
      • Chess, however, is almost inconceivably more complex, and the pieces can be arranged on the 64 squares of the board in 10 distinct ways.
      • The modern game dates from the 15th century, when the board of squares became chequered and the pieces gained their present form.
      • His list of demands - about the conditions, the noise, the exact shade and millimetre length of the squares on the board - grew longer each day.
      • We have this bingo-type game where you match tokens to squares on a board.
      • A bishop can only move diagonally, and thus, can only get into a space that is the same color as the square it started on.
      • Every square on the board is labelled by a letter and a number.
      • This game is superior in complexity to English draughts by virtue of the fact that it is played on a board ten squares by ten squares and that capturing moves have an extended scope.
      • Armed with enormous talent and intelligence, Kasparov reigned supreme over the board of 64 squares like none of his great predecessors.
      • For the next three moves nothing existed for me but the sixty four black and white squares in front of me, on which twenty chess pieces fought an intricate dance of death.
      • Players can double and triple letter and word points by strategically using Birdie and Eagle squares on the board.
      • The human can sometimes win simply by moving a piece back and forth between the same two squares, and the computer wastes all of its time re-examining each position.
      • The board in the current version has raised squares to hold the tiles and needs no alterations, as long as the blind player knows which way the board is oriented at the beginning.
      • Based on the traditional 64 - square checkerboard, the game appears simple.
      • Every time you move, you write the letter for the piece that moved followed by the name of the square it moved to.
      • Each player in her turn chooses one of the squares of the board and writes a number from 1 to 6 in the square with her colored pen.
      • ‘Your move,’ said Adam, moving his rook forward two squares.
      • A beautiful carved board with 13x13 squares was found at Gokstad in Norway.
      • Elaborating on the Braille chessboard, he said, the black squares on the board were slightly more raised than the white ones.
      • He picked up a rook and moved it forward three squares, capturing a knight, and exposing the king.
      • Placed in the center of a board, a Bishop can simply cover more squares than a Knight can.

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    • 2.1(in town, city)

      plaza feminine
      • We soon came to a large village square with a beautiful fountain in the center.
      • As thousands of people stood vigil in St. Peter's square all day today, millions more stayed glued to their televisions.
      • Tucked away at the top of the square this small hotel exudes tranquillity.
      • There will be free performances in the square every day next week, around lunch and tea-time.
      • Meanwhile in the town square the crowds were being entertained with Irish music and dancing.
      • There is a statue of Nelson in the main square in Bridgetown that pre-dates the one in Trafalgar Square.
      • Tonight the pontiff will return to St Peter's Square to celebrate midnight mass.
      • In Kiev there is a big statue in the square erected in his honor.
      • As they approached the town square a guard of honour was provided by 20 veterans for groups including the Royal British Legion and Indian Ex-Servicemen.
      • The center of town was a tree-lined square, surrounded by quaint-looking stores and antique shops.
      • Tens of thousands of anti-war protesters filled streets and squares, blocked roads, walked out of schools and universities and temporarily stopped work yesterday.
      • First impressions are that I've found the quintessential Western town, with clapboard houses and little red brick shops lining a tree-shaded square.
      • The next morning, I head out early and stop first at Plaza Mayor, a huge square surrounded by some of the oldest buildings in the city.
      • The most famous restaurant in town is Wierzynek, on a corner of Rynek Glowny, Krakow's main square, the largest in medieval Europe and the pulsing heart of the city.
      • After sticking our heads into various hostels to inquire about prices, we picked one a few blocks from the square which was very clean, as hostels go.
      • As we arrived at the square the normal jumble of carts, wagons, stalls, and milling people that we saw every day greeted us.
      • Demonstrators were kept tightly packed into the square for more than four hours in the rain without access to any facilities.
      • A beer in one of the bars around the square is a convenient way to get your bearings and make a plan.
      • The Rio Bravo workers have camped out in the city's main square.
      • The revamp also aims to encourage people to stay in the city centre before and after a trip to the theatre or the Winter Gardens by making the square an attraction in its own right.

    • 2.2(in barracks)

      patio masculine
      • Some 649 inmates are held at the category C prison in accommodation which is built around the former drill square.
      • I recall ‘unflattering remarks’ aimed at me on the drill square.
      • The Duke inspected a passing-in parade of 800 junior soldiers on the college drill square and congratulated them on completing their first six weeks of training.
      • Senior Army officers tell us that these camps are little more than squares for drills and target practices.
      • They filled the parade square of Howe Barracks as the soldiers arrived by coach from nearby Manston Airport where they had touched down a couple of hours earlier.

  • 3

    cuadrado masculine
    the square of 5 is 25 el cuadrado de 5 es 25
  • 4

    escuadra feminine
  • 5informal

    (conventional person)
    soso masculine informal
    sosa feminine informal
    (masculine and feminine) carroza feminine Spain informal
    zanahorio masculine Venezuela Colombia informal
    zanahoria feminine Venezuela Colombia informal


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  • 2

    (block/box/table) cuadrado
    the room is 15 feet square la habitación mide 15 (pies) por 15 (pies)
  • 3

    (having right angles)
    (side/corner/edges) en ángulo recto
    (side/edges/corner) a escuadra
    to cut sth on the square cortar algo a escuadra
    • to be out of square estar en falsa escuadra
    • to be on the square ser derecho
  • 4

    (of body)
    (face) cuadrado
    (jaw) angular
    (jaw) cuadrado
    of square build de complexión fornida / robusta
  • 5

    (mile/yard) cuadrado
    fifty square kilometers cincuenta kilómetros cuadrados
  • 6

    (fair, honest)
    he'll give you a square deal no te va a engañar
    • to be square with sb ser franco con algn
    • I'll be square with you voy a ser franco contigo
  • 7

    (large and wholesome)
    (meal) decente
    he hasn't had a square meal for days hace días que no come como Dios manda / que no hace una comida decente
  • 8

    let's call it all square digamos que estamos a mano Latin America
    • the teams were (all) square los equipos iban empatados / iguales
    • to get square with sb ajustarle las cuentas a algn
  • 9

    (pass) cruzado
  • 10informal

    soso informal
    rígidamente convencional
    carroza Spain informal
    zanahorio Venezuela Colombia informal


  • 1

    square in the middle of sth justo en el medio de algo
    • he hit me square on the mouth me dio de lleno en la boca
    • to look sb square in the eye mirar a algn (directamente) a los ojos

transitive verb

  • 1

    (make square)
    (angle/side) cuadrar
    he squared his shoulders se puso derecho
  • 2

    (mark squares on)
  • 3

    elevar al cuadrado
  • 4

    (settle, make even)
    (accounts/debts) pagar
    (accounts/debts) saldar
    to square sth with sb arreglar algo con algn
  • 5

    (match/game) igualar
  • 6

    (facts/principles) conciliar
    to square sth with sth conciliar algo con algo
    • I couldn't square it with my conscience mi conciencia no me lo permitía

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (arguments/ideas) concordar
    to square with sth concordar / cuadrar con algo