Translation of squeak in Spanish:


chillido, n.

Pronunciation /skwiːk//skwik/


  • 1

    (of animal, person) chillido masculine
    (of hinge, pen) chirrido masculine
    (of shoes) crujido masculine
    to give / let out a squeak pegar un chillido
    • any messages from New York? — not a squeak ¿algún mensaje de Nueva York? — ni pío
    • I don't want to hear a squeak out of anyone no quiero que se oiga ni el vuelo de una mosca
    • It made short purring sounds, mixed with squeaks, then it vanished.
    • Cleo managed a forced laugh, though it sounded more like a squeak.
    • Mice communicate with one another a great deal with ultrasonic sounds, and their squeaks can convey a lot of information.
    • We made our way through the cool, atmospheric turns of the colleges, the worn wood and gray stones reflecting the piping of voices and squeaks of rusty bicycles.
    • Grover Norquist, on the other hand, speaks like a man who had all the delight squeezed out of him years ago, leaving him with nothing in his voice but a high-pitched squeak of disdain.
    • The unmistakable sound of a mouse squeak caused her to jump and trip over the darkness in trying to find the stairs.
    • The blind man began singing and talking as we passed by, the two sounds rolling together into squeaks, grunts, and held notes.
    • It was a most undignified noise that sounded like a squeak to her ears.
    • A squeak sounded from the other room and moments later a middle-aged woman rolled out in a wheelchair.
    • The second best basketball sound is the squeak of new shoes on a basketball floor.
    • Echolocation works like this: bats send out a series of high-pitched squeaks and then listen for its return.
    • ‘I wasn't aware dinner had been served,’ I replied my voice sounding like a squeak when it came out.
    • He caught a slight squeak of surprise from the first speaker as his three stalkers gave chase.
    • There was a high-pitched squeak and one of the pipes broke away from the wall, and Armstrong smelled ozone.
    • Government eavesdroppers at Yorkshire's own GCHQ listening station were baffled when they began picking up high-pitched squeaks from the base's forest of aerial masts.
    • Almost as soon as we dropped into the water we were deafened by a series of high-pitched clicks and squeaks and whistles, and about 20 dolphins turned up.
    • My traitorous voice seemed to speak out of its own volition… and in a high-pitched squeak too.
    • Saphrin looked up at the sound of the squeak in the door.
    • I tried to sound like it was just casual conversation but I knew there was a slight squeak in my voice that my mom had to have caught with her natural mother instincts.
    • I've listened closely to the sweaty badminton and discovered there is no sound apart from the squeak of tennis shoes on plastic flooring.
  • 2informal

    a narrow / close squeak
    • we got there in time, but it was a narrow squeak llegamos a tiempo, pero por un pelo / por los pelos
    • she's never actually had an accident, but she's had several narrow squeaks nunca ha llegado a tener un accidente pero se ha salvado por un pelo / por los pelos varias veces
    • When we have been forced to reduce services we never heard a squeak of protest from Clare.
    • Hatchback it may be, but we never detected a single squeak, rattle or any sign of flexing.
    • Now, we have been blessed with a good summer and very few people are saying squeak.
    • I mean to say, a sick half-sister that no one had heard a squeak out of for years?
    • And have we heard a squeak from the director with the verbal incontinence?
    • The ranks will close even tighter and, despite the forensic criticisms, you won't hear a squeak in the party room.
    • Anyway - I haven't heard a squeak from Father since sending him the letter nearly a fortnight ago.
    • Rupert Murdoch didn't exactly invent the ploy, whatever squeaks the modern Telegraph may emit in that direction.
    • Still, even while driving in and out of Irish potholes, you'll hear no squeak or feel no squirm from the structure or fittings.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (animal/person) chillar
    (hinge/pen) chirriar
    (shoes) crujir
  • 2

    (pass by a narrow margin)
    to squeak past/through pasar raspando informal

transitive verb

  • 1