Translation of squeaky in Spanish:


chirriante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈskwiːki//ˈskwiki/

adjectivesqueakiest, squeakier

  • 1

    (pen/hinge) chirriante
    (voice) chillón
    (voice) de pito
    • The park is now filled with plants, colourful murals, and two squeaky swings fastened with yellow cord.
    • Blackboard rubbers have long since been consigned to the scrap heap, and when squeaky pens and stinky cloths follow, what then?
    • The last time we mentioned Annie the boss started jumping up and down and making odd squeaky sounds that did not impress the missus.
    • She then turned her attention to the midget, who was making squeaky sounds of displeasure.
    • It was a squeaky fart, this one, with some laughter in the background.
    • Well, you know, there's a saying that says it's the squeaky wheel that usually gets the grease.
    • The oul lad simmered away, rocking ominously in and out of a beam of dust infused sunlight on his squeaky rocking chair.
    • As my voice turned squeaky, it sounded as though I was asking him a question, not greeting him.
    • Under the best of circumstances his raspy, squeaky voice grated her nerves raw.
    • Here is a hotel old enough to have a history, not just ersatz nostalgia, and the squeaky floorboards to tell it.
    • The closer together the waves, the more high pitched or squeaky the sound is, and this is measured in Hertz.
    • Example: one afternoon I took Cody out in the yard with a ball and a squeaky toy.
    • Suddenly the sound of a bike bell is heard, followed by the sound of a bike with a squeaky wheel rolling along.
    • Wigeon don't quack, but have a squeaky call - rather like a child's rubber duck.
    • I believe in ghosts, and I get freaked out if there's a squeaky noise in house when I'm alone and all that.
    • I sat in front of a four year old (I'm guessing, but he was small and squeaky enough).
    • I'll miss the way he could destroy a squeaky toy in about a minute.
    • Suddenly, a bike bell is heard, followed by the sound of a squeaky bike wheel.
    • Her head snapped to the left as the sound of a squeaky hinge finally caught her attention.
    • They moved in to kiss, but were stopped by the sound of the squeaky stairs.