Translation of squeegee in Spanish:


(British squeegee mop)

Pronunciation /ˈskwiːdʒiː//ˈskwiˌdʒi/


  • 1

    escobilla de goma para secar superficies
    perezoso masculine Argentina
    lampazo masculine Uruguay
    • He placed me in a basket as he grabbed a squeegee and proceeded to clean the windows on the tower.
    • It comes with a squeegee handle with two interchangeable rubber blades for steam cleaning soapy residue off glass shower doors;
    • Apply the mixture to your windows with a clean sponge and squeegee off the liquid, absorbing any drips with a cloth.
    • Stuck in an elevator in the North Tower with five other men, he used the blade of his squeegee to cut through the door.
    • If we have a two-story house for instance, the windows and side walls will call for a squeegee with a long handle.