Translation of squelch in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /skwɛltʃ//skwɛltʃ/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    they went squelching through the mud iban chapoteando por el barro

    hacer un ruido como de succión

transitive verb

  • 1

    aplastar US informal
    sofocar US informal
    (person) bajarle los humos a


  • 1

    • Among other reasons, I'd be too afraid that people will get lulled into apathy again if reports about possible terrorist attempts get squelched.
    • Griffith had abandoned his own horse and was in the midst of walking towards him, his expression one of careful curiosity tinged with concern, his tall black boots spotted with muck as long grass squelched under his feet.
    • It was eerily quiet on this most famous hillside last Saturday afternoon, with just myself and a small party of Dutch tourists squelching round the battle field in the unexpected sunshine.
    • The horses' hooves squelched in the muck of the roadway as they crossed to the south end where a faint light glimmered past the edge of the last house.
    • The sound of a single sliding footstep squelching through the thick mud alerted him.
    • Now I'm talking about it so much it sounds like my life is a constant stream of noxious gases, like I walk around all day pumping, rasping and squelching.
    • Here, even though we've had more rain than is normal for a wet April, and some fields lay sodden and squelching, we seem to have escaped lightly.
    • After spending just three minutes squelching along the shore amid fallen branches and mighty oaks felled by the weekend's storms, they climbed back on their minibus to drive to Bayliff Wood.
    • And then, trainers still squelching, it was time for everyone to disperse.
    • It involves squelching about on the river bed at the low-water mark, hammering stakes and stowers of coppiced hazel into the mud, to be woven with branches to withstand three tides.
    • We sat in exhaust-fumigated traffic for what seemed like hours without moving, inching our way through Galway as tar squelched under rubber, producing that pungent smell of bitumen and oil.
    • He triggered the only real chance of the first half, banging a quick-fire corner to the back post, where Kirk Broadfoot barrelled in to bullet a header that squelched enticingly across the six-yard box.
    • It was either leave the boat in the dunes and make the long walk of shame back to Gloucester, squelching along in my reef socks, or get back in and claw away with my hamburgered hooks, like old Howard B. himself.
    • In a nearby part of the forest, a tall figure dashed confidently through the winding trees, the soft earth squelching slightly beneath his feet.
    • As I squelched across the living room carpet, examining the multitude of shades and stains it now possessed and marvelling at a pint glass full to the brim with ash and fag ends, something struck me.
    • And, it's probably an old poet's fancy, but I swear as I was walking about in Williton today I could almost feel the pavement squelching underfoot, as if the water has crept up and is laying directly underneath.
    • ‘This is probably the only time I'll ever come here,’ she says firmly, as she squelches up to the field called Lost Vagueness, where Druid lovers and insomniac wasters hang out till dawn.
    • The clouds were low on the hills and heavy overnight thunder - storms had left the track squelching underfoot, but I was in good, boisterous company.
    • It's not until she's in the empty car park that she hears her own footsteps squelching on the wet surface and realises there's another set of sounds behind her.

    ruido como de succión

  • 2USinformal

    contestación aplastante feminine