Translation of squirt in Spanish:


chorrito, n.

Pronunciation /skwərt//skwəːt/


  • 1

    chorrito masculine
    add a squirt of soda agréguele un chorrito de soda
    • I ate that one, washed down with a squirt of not very runny honey squeezed at pains from a severely misshapen bottle - the result of an attempt to free up the flow by putting it in the microwave a few months back.
    • The first sweet, gentle, leafy green salads of spring need shy whites as their partners, and here the Riesling grape rules, especially if you add seafood plus a squirt of lime juice.
    • Bubble time - a squirt of baby bath liquid for an older baby will give enough bubbles to liven up bath time.
    • A squirt of sauce predictably makes the ribs taste like sauce and nothing else, so enjoy them bare or not at all.
    • Your root beer isn't poured from a can; it's mixed individually with a squirt of syrup from the silvery array of dispensers behind the laminated counter.
    • Put a can of plum tomatoes, a teaspoon of sugar, a squirt of garlic purée, a couple of teaspoons of dried oregano and a twist or two of black pepper into your food processor and whizz on top speed for a minute or two.
    • Children would simply visit their dentist for a squirt of solution on their teeth.
    • If you order a White Chocolate Mocha, the procedure is simple: a squirt of white chocolate syrup, and then over to the machine where shots of espresso shoot down.
    • The minute micro-engines developed by a team from the University of Birmingham need just a squirt of lighter fluid to get them running.
    • It's time to stop pretending that yesterday's mac and cheese with a squirt of ketchup qualifies as a healthy meal.
    • The landlord of our office tower checks everyone's temperature as we come into work in the morning, and we are offered a squirt of alcohol to sterilise our hands.
    • A squirt of WD - 40 into the clutch release mechanism sorts it out only temporarily.
    • Instead of spraying with something toxic, try using a squirt of liquid hand wash soap in some water and spray them with this.
    • The for-sale sign is up, the house has been dusted and each room has been infused with a squirt of air freshener.
    • He pumped a squirt of antibacterial soap into his hands, and rubbed them together to work up a lather.
    • However, with a squirt of deodorant, the smell is more bearable.
    • She squinted as if trying to shield her eyes from a squirt of acidic juice spouting out of a squeezed orange.
    • The calamari with a squirt of lemon and a sprinkling of salt was delicious, tender and juicy encased in a light, crispy batter.
    • Ask for a squirt of hot sauce and you have the defining flavors of Southeast Asia - hot, sweet, salty, sour - on a bun.
    • Though covered in a thin layer of rust, the bow capstans and winches were remarkably preserved and looked as if they would work after a little maintenance and a squirt of oil.
  • 2informal

    mequetrefe masculine informal
    • The new big noise, Pete, turned out to be an indulged squirt who displayed a chronic lack of professionalism and failed hopelessly to live up to his billing.
    • ‘Take it easy squirt,’ said a boy as he literally lifted Oram off his feet.
    • You'd wonder how such an insulting little squirt could amass such a fortune and control the mighty moguls of the motor racing business.
    • Who knew the little squirt would be that good at video games?
    • I envisioned a young squirt of an elf, say just a sprightly 100 or 200 years, slipping out to meet his miscreant pals, grab a leaf and ride a wind current.
    • I chuckled at how much the little squirt reminded me of myself.
    • You always come up with such good ones despite being just a little squirt.
    • he thought, grasping his sword tightly, Wonder what the little squirt is doing here?
    • I am going to strangle the little squirt when I get a hold to him!
    • I went downstairs and entered the kitchen to find my mum drinking tea and my dad rushing to find his car keys: ‘Morning squirt, see ya love’.
    • I can't allow Samuel to be called all the names under the sun and have a squirt of a boy insult me.
    • Getch is a squirt of a man, far stronger than his ribby physique would suggest.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (liquid) echar un chorro de
    he squirted some soda into his wine le echó un chorro de soda al vino
    • they squirted him with water lo rociaron con agua
    • The children saw the inside of the engine, tried on the safety helmets, and had a go at squirting the water with a hose.
    • A transparent shrimp drifts past my face, the size of a fingernail, and squirts a stream of glowing blue ink at me.
    • A laser printer uses heat to set toner on paper and an ink-jet printer (sometimes called a bubble-jet printer) squirts the ink onto the paper without heat.
    • An octopus has no backbone and will squirt ink indiscriminately if threatened.
    • Dumping shampoo and conditioner on my head, I squirted some shower gel on a sponge and scrubbed the grime off my body.
    • Kirk Fenton Primary children have made an elephant, using wood, wire, fabric, cardboard and paper, which can squirt water out of its trunk, as well as a crocodile chasing a man on a river and a mashed-potato monster.
    • He flips the cap of the bottle and squirts the cleaner all over the bathtub.
    • Some get good results from dilute vinegar soaks, painting the nail with tea tree oil or squirting the oil from Vitamin E capsules around the nail.
    • When ink is squirted onto the paper through tiny nozzles it is called drop on demand.
    • Whether squirting liquid food into the mouth is ‘feeding by hand’ is doubtful.
    • Also, try squirting some lubricant such as graphite, talcum powder, floor oil, mineral oil, or wood dough between the boards.
    • In one case, a man was subdued by police after squirting a mysterious spray at a Maryland subway station.
    • I squirt the soap liquid onto the top layer of dishes, then foam the water with my hands as it pours out of the tap.
    • When drilling into metal, squirt a lightweight oil onto the drill bit and into the hole to tool the bit.
    • You can brush, trowel, throw, squirt, drip or pour paint onto a canvas, or stain it with diluted medium.
    • Then I squirted some liquid slug bait around the vulnerable foliage - one bite and those babies would be gone.
    • European corn earworms can be controlled by squirting mineral oil on the silk where it emerges from the ear.
    • This delivery method involves squirting a special insulin spray into your mouth where it's absorbed through your tongue, throat and the inside of your cheeks.
    • She smiled and squirted too much of Andy's shaving cream on her legs.
    • I squirted a thin line of ketchup all down his chest.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (liquid) salir a chorros
    • I picked up the sandwich in my hands and crumpled it up into a ball; jam squirted out and covered my hand in the substance.
    • The creature shrieked as each laser shot cut into it and a thick black liquid squirted out from the massive wounds.
    • If I left the cap loose on the radiator, the anti-freeze wouldn't squirt out, even though the radiator was split.
    • The red liquid didn't ooze but squirted, spraying him in the face and down the shirt.
    • He has a cute little doll that he baths with but he tends to squish the head so the water comes squirting out of its ears instead of rocking it gently and washing its different body parts.
    • On the Reverse Water Labyrinth, bodies tumble on the soft but sinking surface and roll from side to side as water squirts from above.
    • The tank cracked, and the thick blue liquid started to squirt through the bullet hole.
    • Timothy, with a swift motion of his hand, broke his pen and the ink squirted mercilessly over the bewildered woman.
    • Top performer, of course, is the 1.8 petrol, which squirts to 62 mph in 10.8 seconds.
    • My skirts grew heavier and heavier, and there were puddles in my shoes so that water squirted out at the seams when I walked.
    • It was as if someone had poked a hole in a dam, and all the water that was built up behind the wall was suddenly able to squirt out through that tiny opening.
    • A stream of blood squirted out, staining his armor.
    • Water will squirt through the holes and go every, which way instead of slowly dripping down to where you need it.
    • The screw cap popped off with a boom and the water squirted about 30 feet into the air, over the balcony rail and soaked people who were stretching on the second floor.
    • Lauren was sore all over, dry blood caked her skin around old wounds and puss squirted out of new ones whenever she moved.
    • Red blood began to squirt out of his wound like water from a punctured water balloon.
    • There is the drop on demand method where the ink squirts onto the paper through tiny nozzles.
    • A milky, white liquid should squirt out if the corn is ready to be picked.
    • Thick green liquid squirted out everywhere, as Demitrius pulled wires and tubing off of the machine.
    • If you take the rod out and fill the inside bottom part of your mouth with water (or red wine for a more spectacular effect) then purse your lips tightly and push, the liquid will come daintily squirting out the hole.