Translation of stack in Spanish:


montón, n.

Pronunciation /stak//stæk/


  • 1

    • 1.1(pile)

      (of wood, books, plates) montón masculine
      (of wood, books, plates) pila feminine
      (of wheat, hay) almiar masculine
      (of rifles) pabellón (de fusiles) masculine
      • Coronach if you get 9 more rifles you could set up a table in your living room where each leg is a rifle stack.
      • Her bed had a whole stack of clothing piled up and it was getting higher.
      • Our only pickup truck was used to operate the overshot stacker that piled the hay into stacks.
      • Deia's stepmom emerged underneath the staircase with a stack of neatly folded clothes and shot Vaius a look of dislike and poisonous curiosity.
      • I climbed up a stack of old crates arranged haphazardly behind the warehouse.
      • She opened her mouth to say something, but Valora Adora bustled back into the room with a small stack of neatly folded colorful clothing.
      • ‘Come in,’ she called absently, slaving over a stack of papers neatly arranged on her desk.
      • At other times, her mother lay in bed for days, not bothering to get dressed, reading from a stack of books piled on her bedside table.
      • Do you have a stack of books piled beside your bed that you really are going to read?
      • From another hole came the straw that was again piled into a stack.
      • I got out my small stack of exams from my summer class and, looking up once in a while to watch the people pass by, I graded question 1.
      • It was then that her hand slid across what sounded like a stack of neatly clumped paper.
      • I recall M/Sgt Widner, a high school ROTC instructor, demonstrating that this arrangement, when properly done on a grass parade field, was strong enough that a soldier could stand (one legged) on the stack.
      • Vincent moved silently into a deep shadow on the other side of the room, going behind a stack of crates piled in the middle of the floor.
      • Emanuelle frowned as she traced her fingers down the stack of folders neatly piled inside.
      • Neither the pile of work related e-mails in my inbox nor the stack of paperwork on my desk can put a dent in my enthusiasm.
      • This won't be as sturdy as a stack made by three M1s or three '03s.
      • Most amazing of all, there was a stack of gifts piled on the chair in the corner.
      • She greeted her brother, as he finally walked over to the car, a stack of books piled up to his chin.
      • The man heaved as he piled the stack of six books onto Roy's already dusty lap.
      • We used to build stacks mainly in the stackyard by the farm buildings but occasionally we built some in the field.
      • A stack of kindling was piled on the floor nearby and he tossed some in, quickly lighting a fire.
      • I finished with the dirty hay and began piling clean hay from a stack on the far wall, leaving the wheelbarrow for another time.
      • Sheriff Vasey was sat at his desk, lines of worry incised into his face as he tried to ignore the storm and concentrate on the stack of paperwork piled up in front of him.
      • Groaning and pushing myself up, I shuffled over to my bathroom, almost tripping on a stack of books piled near my bathroom door.
      • ‘These should be your size,’ she handed him a stack of neatly folded clothes.
      • He grabbed a nearby stack of bandages and piled on one after the other until he felt there was enough to soak up the blood.

    • 1.2informal (many, much)

      montón masculine informal
      pila feminine South America informal
      I've got stacks / a stack of homework tengo pilas / una pila de deberes South America informal
      • It seems that absence does make the heart grow fonder for on our return, what do we find but stacks of great emails from you.
      • There are stacks of people who have e-mailed me or commented over the last year or so who I would love to meet in the flesh.
      • The first track opens with what might be a guitar solo filtered through massive stacks of electronics as insect-like squeals pour out of the speakers.
      • I still have plenty to do, and a stack of emails that are waiting for replies, but they will have to wait until later in the week.
      • Stalin closed the show for the three nights and sang four of his classics from his stack of hits.
      • Yet a growing stack of academic research this year suggests that playing Doom or Half-Life can sharpen your physical reactions and improve your social life.
      • Before it, a desk with stacks of waiting paperwork held vigil, its dark wood surface holding old ink stains.
      • There will be some people who have stacks of confidence and some who have none.
      • Plus, loggers get to eat stacks of pancakes every day.
      • Kearsley and Horwich piled up a stack of runs in an entertaining draw.
      • The next type of beggars were some people walking around with stacks of CDs in their hands on the Walk of Fame.

  • 2

    • 2.1chimney stack

      cañón de chimenea masculine
      chimenea feminine

    • 2.2chimney stack

      columna de humo feminine

    • 2.3chimney stackGeology

      risco masculine
      • He, along with Graeme Nicol and the lyric mountain churl Tom Patey (who died in 1970 falling off a sea stack called The Maiden), did the first ascent of Ben Nevis's Zero Gully, then one of the hardest ice climbs in the world, in 1957.
      • A team of scientists investigating ruins atop a remote sea stack in the Western Isles this summer have been using a Troylean sling to get to the remains of a medieval castle.
      • Additional features include a private island - a small sea stack known locally as The Stag - and a 24 square metre self-contained Swiss chalet in the back garden, which features two bedrooms, a living area with kitchenette and a shower room.
      • The Old Man of Stoer comes into view shortly after this, and you follow the cliff edge round to the right and then down steeply to look over the sea stack.
      • The climb to the top of the 450 ft sea stack was to raise money and awareness of the plight facing patients with kidney problems.
      • The other arch stands close by - a Cyclopean gateway through a tall and slim sea stack.
      • This remote corner of Washington's Olympic Peninsula is upholstered with deep forests of cedar, spruce and fir looking over rock cliffs, sea stacks and wave-carved caves to the open Pacific Ocean.
      • The sandstone cliff ledges and stacks provide suitable nesting and roosting areas for some species, while three of the four main islands in the area are ideal breeding grounds for large gulls.
      • I finished my pint in the ship's bar and went to the starboard viewing rail to watch the sunlight reflecting off that famous sea stack, the Old Man Of Hoy.
      • The sea stack of Am Buachaille stands to the south end of the bay although it is best viewed from the middle or the northern end.
      • The climbing partner of a man who fell to his death in Orkney last week has told The Orcadian how a last-minute decision to tackle a 12-metre stack ended in tragedy.
      • Looking south you see the 220 ft sea stack, sentinel of the beach, Am Buachaille - the herdsman - which was first climbed in 1967.

  • 3

    • 3.1(in library)

      estantería feminine
      • They're the smell of yellowed book pages in the stacks of an abandoned library.
      • Books will be fetched by Library staff from the stacks downstairs, where the collection will be housed in suitable conditions of security, temperature and humidity.
      • Sneak the book back into the stacks and tell them they screwed up because you returned it long ago, or else hold onto it until the next amnesty period.
      • For today much, perhaps most, of a student's search for information has moved out of the stacks and into dorm rooms and studies, via the Internet.
      • The librarian sped away along the stacks of books.
      • Perhaps it took that long to declare the book lost from the stacks of the Geneva Public Library District.
      • Nearly every day I'm at the library, searching the stacks.
      • People will want to live in a coffee shop, talking to people about books, not in the stacks at the library or the warehouse at Amazon.
      • This is the version that will go into print and be found in the stacks at the library.
      • Some of them were friendly and even allowed the use of dollies to transport the books from the stacks to the check-out desk.
      • Neither outside nor inside the library did I see any sign of where one might deposit one's weapon before browsing in the stacks or settling into the periodicals room.
      • I used to go to UCSD's Central Library and browse the stacks, especially the economics section.

    • 3.2Computing

      pila feminine
      • The gateway holds the hardware interfaces and software protocol stacks to get all the various technologies talking nicely to one another.
      • Execshield also randomizes the memory address of a program stack to make it harder for malicious code to know where to gain entry into the program.
      • Within the protocol stack, SSL / TLS is situated underneath the application layer.
      • The search engines are virtual librarians who take your order and retrieve documents from the stacks in less time than it takes your browser to load the next page.
      • By implementing VI, applications can communicate with each other directly, bypassing the operating system and protocol stacks.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (pile up)
    (books/chairs/boxes) amontonar
    (books/chairs/boxes) apilar
  • 2

    (load, fill)
    to stack sth with sth
    • he stacked the shelves with the cans colocó las latas sobre los estantes
    • the table was stacked high with crockery sobre la mesa había un montón de loza
  • 3

    to stack the deck / cards arreglar la baraja
    • the cards / odds are stacked against them las circunstancias les son desfavorables
  • 4

    (meeting/jury) amañar
    (jury/meeting) arreglar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    do the chairs stack? ¿se pueden colocar las sillas unas sobre otras?