Translation of stage in Spanish:


tablado, n.

Pronunciation: /steɪdʒ//steɪdʒ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(platform)

      tablado masculine
      (in theater) escenario masculine
      to go on stage salir a escena / al escenario
      • to hold the stage cautivar al público
      • an important figure on the world/international stage una importante figura de la escena mundial/internacional
      • to set the stage for sth crear el marco para algo
      • before noun stage costumes vestuario
      • stage designer
      • stage director directora de escena
      • stage effects efectos escénicos
      • stage lighting iluminación escénica
      • stage set decorado
      • stage show función teatral
      • A properly trained voice is an asset to any actor, especially to those who perform on stage.
      • Dozens of musicians, singers, dancers and actors performed on two stages in the park, while stalls of food, arts and crafts were set up to tempt passers-by.
      • An actor gets on stage and performs and you have a moment of true inspiration.
      • He says he has always loved singing, and discovered his talent when he performed on stage during a family holiday in Turkey.
      • Contrary to popular belief, Houdini is not thought to have died on stage while performing his Water Torture Cell escape.
      • One can perform on stage after six months and make a living with the art.
      • The best thing about my job is performing on stage - it is the ultimate buzz and I wish that everyone could experience it.
      • Thereafter, it was only a question of arranging funds and training the children to perform on stage.
      • Each year of the music week the best of talent come on stage to perform, and some greats of Irish music always show up.
      • It is a brilliant feeling to get up on stage and perform in front of thousands of people.
      • Later, she was heard asking everyone to explain where she went wrong while performing on stage.
      • Ms Carey will perform the stunt on stage at the Hull New Theatre during the run, from tonight until Saturday.
      • Wherever and whenever you have an opportunity to get on stage and perform, take it.
      • Astrella Celeste has been performing on stage with her father from a young age and in her own right.
      • He was a classical singer and even when it was not customary for people of the cloth to perform on stage, he did so with aplomb.
      • When he is not performing on stage, Paul is busy working with the students of Carlow Stage School.
      • Behind the stage there was a passageway, and halfway down it a door leading under the stage to the orchestra pit.
      • Such is his size that he performs on stage seated on a specially constructed giant frame.
      • Just me on stage performing tricks and illusions and talking about them, their history and a little bit about how they work.
      • He said he could not say whether he preferred teaching or performing on stage.

    • 1.2(medium)

      the stage el teatro
      • he doesn't write exclusively for the stage no escribe solo obras de teatro
      • his ambition was to appear on the London stage su ambición era actuar en los escenarios londinenses
      • before noun stage adaptation adaptación teatral / para la escena

    • 1.3(profession)

      (actress) (before noun) de teatro
      the stage el teatro
      • to go on the stage hacerse actor/actriz
      • to leave the stage dejar el teatro

  • 2

    (in development, activity)
    fase feminine
    etapa feminine
    the project is in its final stage(s) el proyecto está en su última fase / etapa
    • the various stages of development of the fetus las distintas etapas del desarrollo embrionario
    • the early/late stages of pregnancy los primeros/últimos meses del embarazo
    • at a later stage más adelante
    • at this late stage, there is little we can do a estas alturas, poco es lo que podemos hacer
    • we'll need to discuss this at some stage en algún momento vamos a tener que hablar de esto
    • at this stage in the game a esta altura del partido
    • I'd reached the stage where I didn't care any more había llegado a un punto en que ya no me importaba
    • by this stage, we were all exhausted a esas alturas, ya estábamos todos agotados
    • it's just a stage she's going through no es más que una etapa que está atravesando
    • to do sth in stages hacer algo por etapas
    • French grammar in / by stages la gramática francesa paso a paso
  • 3

    (of rocket)
    fase feminine
    a three-stage rocket un cohete de tres fases
  • 4archaic

    diligencia feminine

transitive verb

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  • 2

    (carry out, hold)
    (event/festival) organizar
    (event/festival) montar
    (strike/demonstration) hacer
    (attack) llevar a cabo
    (attack) perpetrar
    (coup) dar
    the team staged a dramatic recovery el equipo se rehabilitó de forma espectacular
    • she staged a comeback five years later hizo su reaparición cinco años más tarde
  • 3

    (engineer, arrange)
    the interview was obviously staged la entrevista fue obviamente arreglada / orquestada
  • 4

    (play) poner en escena
    (play) representar