Translation of stage in Spanish:


tablado, n.

Pronunciation /steɪdʒ//steɪdʒ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(platform)

      tablado masculine
      (in theater) escenario masculine
      to go on stage salir a escena / al escenario
      • to hold the stage cautivar al público
      • an important figure on the world/international stage una importante figura de la escena mundial/internacional
      • to set the stage for sth crear el marco para algo
      • before noun stage costumes vestuario
      • stage designer
      • stage director director de escena
      • stage effects efectos escénicos
      • stage lighting iluminación escénica
      • stage set decorado
      • stage show representación teatral
      • Just me on stage performing tricks and illusions and talking about them, their history and a little bit about how they work.
      • He said he could not say whether he preferred teaching or performing on stage.
      • An actor gets on stage and performs and you have a moment of true inspiration.
      • He says he has always loved singing, and discovered his talent when he performed on stage during a family holiday in Turkey.
      • It is a brilliant feeling to get up on stage and perform in front of thousands of people.
      • Wherever and whenever you have an opportunity to get on stage and perform, take it.
      • Thereafter, it was only a question of arranging funds and training the children to perform on stage.
      • Each year of the music week the best of talent come on stage to perform, and some greats of Irish music always show up.
      • He was a classical singer and even when it was not customary for people of the cloth to perform on stage, he did so with aplomb.
      • Astrella Celeste has been performing on stage with her father from a young age and in her own right.
      • Dozens of musicians, singers, dancers and actors performed on two stages in the park, while stalls of food, arts and crafts were set up to tempt passers-by.
      • Contrary to popular belief, Houdini is not thought to have died on stage while performing his Water Torture Cell escape.
      • When he is not performing on stage, Paul is busy working with the students of Carlow Stage School.
      • Later, she was heard asking everyone to explain where she went wrong while performing on stage.
      • Ms Carey will perform the stunt on stage at the Hull New Theatre during the run, from tonight until Saturday.
      • One can perform on stage after six months and make a living with the art.
      • Such is his size that he performs on stage seated on a specially constructed giant frame.
      • A properly trained voice is an asset to any actor, especially to those who perform on stage.
      • Behind the stage there was a passageway, and halfway down it a door leading under the stage to the orchestra pit.
      • The best thing about my job is performing on stage - it is the ultimate buzz and I wish that everyone could experience it.

    • 1.2(medium)

      the stage las tablas informal
      • he doesn't write exclusively for the stage no escribe solo obras de teatro
      • his ambition was to appear on the London stage su ambición era actuar en los escenarios londinenses
      • before noun stage adaptation adaptación teatral / para la escena

    • 1.3(profession)

      (actress) (before noun) de teatro
      the stage las tablas informal
      • to go on the stage hacerse actor/actriz
      • to leave the stage abandonar las tablas

  • 2

    (in development, activity)
    fase feminine
    etapa feminine
    the project is in its final stage(s) el proyecto está en su última fase / etapa
    • the various stages of development of the fetus los distintos estadios del desarrollo embrionario
    • the early/late stages of pregnancy los primeros/últimos meses del embarazo
    • at a later stage más adelante
    • at this late stage, there is little we can do a estas alturas, poco es lo que podemos hacer
    • we'll need to discuss this at some stage en algún momento vamos a tener que hablar de esto
    • at this stage in the game a esta altura del partido
    • I'd reached the stage where I didn't care any more había llegado a un punto en que ya no me importaba
    • by this stage, we were all exhausted a esas alturas, ya estábamos todos agotados
    • it's just a stage she's going through no es más que una etapa que está atravesando
    • to do sth in stages hacer algo por etapas
    • French grammar in / by stages la gramática francesa paso a paso
    • One mourner said her journey through the stages of mourning was like being in a cocoon.
    • She is now in the final stages of fitting out before her journey to Devonport, which is due to go ahead just before Christmas.
    • He said St Aengus School could be fenced off during the construction stages of the new building.
    • These are matters which may well be of relevance at a later stage of the debate.
    • Lastly there may be a stage of exhaustion, tiredness and weakness.
    • In doing so I want to welcome this legislation, which is in the final stage of its passage through the House.
    • Both have been said to boost the body's anabolic reactions at different stages of muscle building, so it might be useful to try them in combination.
    • The book is perhaps best known for its elucidation of the five stages of grief people go through after the death of a friend or loved one.
    • Can the missions in the planning stages be reconciled among each other to prevent duplication of science?
    • All stages of the re-entry went according to plan.
    • Pottruck's yearlong journey through the stages of corporate grief has relevance and resonance for every person, no matter what his or her station.
    • The plan is to build Galileo in three stages involving a mixture of public and private finance.
    • Although Whewell claimed that this pattern is repeated in the history of the sciences, he was careful to point out that the stages within the pattern often overlap.
    • At every stage of his political life, he has had exceptionally close advisers whose judgment he respected and who revered him.
    • Much of the sampled bark on older trees, especially Acer rubrum, was loosely attached and in various stages of decay, much like the bark on decaying logs on ground sites.
    • A recent report from the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry listed 16 new vaccines in the early stages of development, along with other treatments.
    • The argument at this point proceeds in three stages.
    • These small but continually growing and developing aspects of her authentic self become her true guides in her journey through the stages of being a woman.
    • A quick tour of the facility, though, shows that many of the buildings and other facilities at Burns Flat are in various stages of disrepair.
    • The company has added an inspection step after the developing stage of the process.
  • 3

    (of rocket)
    fase feminine
    a three-stage rocket un cohete de tres fases
    • Rocket fuels and explosive devices to separate the rocket's stages in flight or to destroy the craft if it veers off course are loaded into the rocket.
    • SpaceX is mitigating this risk by using only two stages with one engine in each stage, as well as dual redundant avionics.
    • The process of attaching the stages of a rocket to one another is known as integration, and it can be done in one of two ways - vertically and horizontally.
    • For example, the agency often uses Delta II launch vehicles, and they let the expended second stages of these rockets just drop from the sky.
    • The problem took place as the first stage of the bright red rocket burned out.
    • A jammed valve in the control system of the second stage of the launch vehicle led to the failure.
    • Both stages use parachutes and airbags for landing.
    • On either side would be two smaller booster stages, each with two F - 1A engines.
    • The launch vehicle employed comprised three stages, the first stage being the highly successful Redstone rocket.
    • It flies out to Mars with its two methane/oxygen driven rocket propulsion stages unfueled.
    • The Saturn S-IVB third stages were not designed to carry fuel in orbit for more than six hours and would require extensive modification.
    • Eventually the Atlas and R - 7 each received more powerful engines and larger upper stages.
    • The first, second, and third stages of the Soyuz launch vehicle fired and separated by 11 minutes into the rocket's flight.
    • Within nine minutes, he was in orbit and the various stages of the rocket had peeled off, prompting a round of applause among the engineers and technicians on hand to watch.
    • Spaceports usually notify pilots and ship captains of the regions of the ocean that will be off-limits during a launch because rocket stages or debris could fall there.
    • Russian and European engineers will work together to develop reusable liquid engines, reusable liquid stages and experimental vehicles.
    • It was due to make a circuit of Earth before separating from the second stage of the rocket 90 minutes after launch.
    • Three of the four stages exhausted their solid propellants through a single adjustable nozzle which guided the missile along its flight path.
    • Everything on board Rokot went as planned, but the second and third stages of the engines failed to ignite, meaning the satellite simply didn't have the necessary power behind it to reach orbit.
    • These, explained Durda, were the last remnants of the flame emanating from the lower stages of the Black Brant rocket, now tumbling away from the payload.
  • 4archaic

    diligencia feminine
    • A four horse teem mail stage operated over this route daily, except Sunday, going west one day and returning eastward the following day.
    • Besides this there were passengers coming in on the stage and mail from Silver Reef and Pioche.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (carry out, hold)
    (festival/event) organizar
    (festival/event) montar
    (demonstration/strike) hacer
    (attack) llevar a cabo
    (attack) perpetrar
    (coup) dar
    the team staged a dramatic recovery el equipo se rehabilitó de forma espectacular
    • she staged a comeback five years later hizo su reaparición cinco años más tarde
  • 2

    (engineer, arrange)
    the interview was obviously staged la entrevista fue obviamente arreglada / orquestada
  • 3

    (play) poner en escena
    (play) representar