Translation of stagger in Spanish:


tambalearse, v.

Pronunciation /ˈstaɡə//ˈstæɡər/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    she staggered into the room/to the bed entró en la habitación/se acercó a la cama tambaleándose / haciendo eses
    • I cried out in pain, staggering back and falling on my back to the ground.
    • Forcing herself to move, she staggered out of bed, stumbled and almost fell.
    • No doubt about it, he swayed and staggered when he walked.
    • He staggers to his feet and walks back the way he came.
    • I staggered to my feet only to fall down again because of a strong wave.
    • He'd be staggering and falling over and sometimes there was a gang of kids following and poking fun and laughing.
    • When he halted he appeared unsteady on his feet and staggered away from his car.
    • Adam withdrew his hand and stepped back and clenched his fist and as Joe sprung at him he threw a punch that sent Joe staggering backwards and falling back into the dirt.
    • They fall into taxis or stagger happily on down to the Nitelink bus and sing all the way home.
    • One of the officers described the two men, one of whom was Ryan, as ‘extremely unsteady on foot and staggering around’.
    • He staggered into Church Walk, collapsed, and was found by passers-by.
    • Anthony staggered before falling backwards onto the floor.
    • Once again the snow began to fall as he staggered onward, his future unknown, his past tortured, and his present uncertain.
    • He grunted and staggered back before falling to the ground, dead.
    • Once the curtain falls, you'll stagger outside feeling unbalanced, wondering what just happened and what it all means.
    • Lexa staggered unsteadily for a moment before falling to one knee, eyes tightly closed in pain, biting her lip to keep from crying out again.
    • Fangs flashing, the cat leaped at Jim, who staggered back, falling into Banks' arms.
    • The couple ahead of him staggered as his weight fell on their backs.
    • This looks great at first but when you see the actual number of people arriving at the totaljobs site the fall out is staggering.
    • Theorton rolled back over and staggered to his feet, much to the protest of his injuries.

transitive verb

  • 1

    dejar estupefacto
    dejar helado
    dejar pasmado
    • Truly staggering amounts of money, from a variety of well-meaning friends, disappeared into his labyrinthine system of debts, leaving nothing to show.
    • My parents' obvious aging, brought sharply before me instead of gradually as the last few years had passed, when I'd seen them every day, was a staggering shock.
    • But we certainly were there to chronicle the missteps and the absolute staggering human tragedy.
    • These concepts may continue to stagger the imagination, but they no longer defy it.
    • Peter Francis, welfare rights manager at Barnsley Council, said the couple were staggered when they found out their weekly income had nearly doubled.
    • Consumption of Merlot continues to stagger producers who struggle to cope with demand.
    • He had, they insisted, slightly misquoted a staggering number of lines.
    • Along the way, even those of us well versed in some of the more astonishing feats of animal cognition will be staggered.
    • I am staggered that our hard-earned council tax money goes towards paying their wages.
    • In addition to the college's own teaching staff, chefs from Yorkshire's staggering array of restaurants offering international food will help to train students in the key skills.
    • Through this absolutely staggering performance, Rule finds a way to show knowing and naïveté, familiarity and foreignness in almost every move.
    • I am quite staggered at the way in which this bill is proceeding.
    • Third, though, is the most staggering number of all - 188 pounds, her weight when she began training five years ago.
    • Waterman, 57, said he was ‘shocked, staggered and speechless’ by the award.
    • The expansive gallery, which is housed in the top two floors of the Mori Tower, commands staggering views all the way to Mount Fuji.
    • The sheer breadth of these studies can stagger the imagination, ranging across continents for specific forces of ecological and historical change.
    • Wilson is determined to stun and stagger us with the knowledge of how little we know, how much we have only just begun to discover.
    • It came, to me at least, as a staggering shock, sweeping away entirely, and for many days to come, the light-hearted and almost frivolous mood of the morning.
    • Residents were staggered when yellow lines were painted in a village near York - and then removed less than 48 hours later.
    • In fact, the diversity of corals and staggering formations of vast virgin forests and coral heads equal the best to be found anywhere in the world.
  • 2

    (payments/shifts) escalonar
    (spokes/joints) (often passive) alternar
    • Elections are staggered so the Board never is composed completely of new members.
    • Ministers have discussed staggering teaching hours to ease rush-hour road congestion.
    • Also, stagger hours so that fewer people are in a building at the same time.
    • Mr Wahid said pension payments were staggered across the whole week, so not all pensioners were affected.
    • Germany, like several other European nations, staggers the start of its school holidays in different areas.
    • This meant the switch-on had to be staggered as the load would have been too heavy for a simultaneous switch-on.
    • The performance areas are contiguous and the two sectors stagger their performances so that spectators must run back and forth between the playing grounds to view the spectacle.
    • One method which helps feed fleece through the machine is to pin the seams alternately: stagger the pins on both sides of the seam to be sewn.
    • Also, on hearing of the crush at the cattle camps, the Collector, B. Rajashekar, moved to stagger the fodder hours.
    • The joints between the tabs must continue to be staggered.
    • The plan to relieve congestion by staggering working hours is sound but it would need the full co-operation of businesses large and small, which might prove difficult.
    • The curator, Anthony Gross, has staggered the screenings in order to show as many films as possible in two weeks.
    • He also suggested staggered opening hours of entertainment venues was useful in controlling crowds.
    • They should also listen to the car radio for the latest travel information and stagger journeys to avoid the busiest travel times.
    • The election was staggered over the entire week.
    • But he said: ‘People have now found alternative routes and staggered their journeys.’
    • If you are running four rods, it is a good idea to cover a few different depths by staggering lines every 15 to 20 feet until you begin to hit fish.
    • In Block C especially the roof line is staggered.
    • There was a healthy crowd who stayed to watch the event which was put on partly to stagger the crush of racegoers leaving the course after the last race.
    • Though the costs paid to those in the network are exorbitant, it guarantees safety and allows payment to be staggered over time.
    • Although strictly a two-storey property, the ground floor is staggered on three levels.
    • The rear shocks have been staggered, one fixed forward from the axle, the other one tilting back.
    • There will be staggered starts, about five minutes apart, for each of the different classes.
    • Continue stacking layers on top, staggering them toward the center so the last tulips stand upright.
    • It works by staggering the tags that surround your posts.
    • Begin planting as early as possible and stagger plantings every two weeks for a long season of blooms through September.
    • Most of these districts are staggering the days off instead of closing early, in order to avoid paying unemployment benefits to the teachers.
    • Voting hours are staggered across the country, meaning the impact will vary by region.
    • Fortunately, the Government had agreed to allow country folk to stagger such payments until things recovered.


  • 1

    tambaleo masculine
    he gave a stagger se tambaleó
    • She took off again, this time at more of a stagger than a run.
    • Spahr's call sign was ‘Dukes,’ and he was known to do an impersonation of John Wayne, complete with the stagger.
    • Then, as if in a dream, I lifted the broom off the sidewalk and saw the beetle stagger, right itself, and run off.
    • It had felt like hours before the boy could hear the gears whining to a stop, and then the floor gave another stagger and went still.
    • Once sure-footed, their step is now a confused, uncertain stagger, like a drunk slaloming from house to house in searching for his own front door.
    • She was holding Leo's hand, and was leaning against him, so as he walked, he did it with a stagger.
    • Our foursome took a corner of the huge table of guests at a Korean restaurant on the Holloway Road, just a stagger from Highbury and Islington Station.
    • Most of the mercenaries were dispersing, slowly walking, although for some it was more of a stagger, down the streets bragging to one another.
    • There was a stagger rather than a swagger about Johnson in recent years.
    • This really gives you one heck of an image and you can really strut around town with a stagger in your step.
    • Since I've moved house, my local is now the Drayton Court, just a short stagger from BNI Towers.
    • He has everything right - the stagger of the man walking, the drape of the man sitting, the accusatory point of the man's finger.
    • Many would probably prefer to be only a short walk from the office in the morning and a drunken stagger back from the bars at night.
    • He walked with a stoop and a rolling gait, the once upright take-on-the-world stance of the magnificent athlete now reduced to a shambling stagger.
    • It enjoys a quiet position near the centre of this pleasant village, just off the A19 Selby Road, little more than a hop, skip and a stagger away from the popular Greyhound pub.
    • Depp has also developed a strange walk, a kind of loopy stagger, which is attributed to the sunstroke he suffered as a castaway.
    • Particularly outstanding is Jim Broadbent, who plays a sputtering drunk with easy stagger.
    • Next it was a stagger up Digbeth High Street to the Royal George.
    • Robby walked out onto his lawn with just a trace of a stagger and jumped into his brilliantly, subtle performance.
    • Our daily parade down the Croisette has turned from a saunter to a stagger.