Translation of stagnant in Spanish:


estancado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈstæɡnənt//ˈstaɡnənt/


  • 1

    (water) estancado
    (pool) de agua estancada
    • Plants can't breathe if their roots are immersed in stagnant water.
    • The bottom waters of these lagoons were probably stagnant and provided an environment hostile to life.
    • Wade had a large clay pot with a big chip in the top in which he kept stagnant water, weeds, and any bugs that intrigued him.
    • Her matted hair billowed out a bit as the stagnant unimaginably foul smelling air started to flow past them.
    • The smell of stagnant, rotting waters hung so thickly that the air was nearly unbreathable.
    • The abyss was stagnant, a body of water under massive pressure, barely warmer than freezing and utterly without light.
    • The hot weather has been the main contributor to the rise in cases of wildlife being killed by botulism, which thrives in stagnant, warm water.
    • Meat is sold from stalls on the side of stagnant puddles and children play in groups around the dirty water.
    • During the floods, Mr Rushworth saw his cellar fill with ten feet of stagnant flood water.
    • The took a compass bearing for the direction of the croaking and eventually reached stagnant, muddy pools, thick with a scum of dead insects.
    • We walked for an hour and a half or so, well beyond the limits of the town to the point where the road and pavement came to an undignified end by a stony beach and a hollow of stagnant water.
    • The river flows toward the east, and wherever it enters stagnant waters, they are made fresh.
    • This passage was constructed primarily to solve the problem of strong odours from stagnant water and sewage in the inner harbour.
    • If your water has been stagnant for some time, treat it before you drink it.
    • The streets were still a bit damp and there were stagnant pools of water at many places.
    • It looks like fun, but the water here is stagnant and contaminated with raw sewage.
    • Although soybean is injured in flooded fields, it can thrive in stagnant, oxygen-deficient water in the glasshouse.
    • The wells were not drained and the ditches were filled with stagnant water.
    • Algae, that green stuff in stagnant water, produces huge quantities of oxygen.
    • According to experts, stagnant water may become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
  • 2

    (economy/industry) estancado
    (economy/industry) paralizado
    • The chief concern of union officials is to secure the income of their apparatus in the face of a stagnant or declining dues base.
    • In stagnant economies, urbanisation levels do not increase much.
    • But what would be the consequences of a housing market that is stagnant, possibly for years?
    • Profits remained similarly depressed, with performance in the European market stagnant.
    • However, pay for similar work in the US has been relatively stagnant if not declining.
    • It is a chance to bring major foreign investment to one of Europe's most economically stagnant regions.
    • The remaining 82 percent said capital spending would remain stagnant or decline.
    • The body politic is stagnant, its membership mediocre and undeservedly self-satisfied.
    • For a start, real wages have been stagnant or declined for the majority of workers.
    • Does the Minister consider the claims that productivity in the sector is stagnant or declining are accurate?
    • Rising home values have propped up a stagnant economy and blunted criticisms of otherwise disastrous economic policies.
    • Note that blight is not restricted to stagnant or declining regions and cities.
    • Ryder pointed to the lack of strong and cohesive global rules on company behaviour as a major factor in the stagnant world economy.
    • As there are still no signs of improvement in the stagnant economy, job insecurity continues to aggravate.
    • They feel that the current Women's Union is a stagnant organisation, both socially and politically.
    • Demand from the rich was stagnant throughout the period while that from overseas declined sharply in the 1930s.
    • A successful economy is attractive for foreign investors; they do not usually go to a stagnant economy.
    • The region is economically and politically stagnant, with endemic poverty.
    • Generally, economic growth is stagnant at best, and at worst it goes into contraction.
    • Over the past few years, the economy has boomed while wages have remained stagnant.