Translation of stale in Spanish:


no fresco, adj.

Pronunciation /steɪl//steɪl/

adjectivestalest, staler

  • 1

    (bread) no fresco
    (bread) añejo informal
    (bread) (hard) duro
    (cheese/butter) rancio
    (beer) pasado
    (air) viciado
    • And, even though he had a job, her son was sometimes forced to eat baked beans on stale bread because he could not afford to buy a fresh loaf.
    • I felt a little embarrassed; my kitchen was full of stale food.
    • Large pots, merciless heat and a few decrepit plastic chairs and buckets fill her small tent, while bits of stale food cover the floor.
    • Classic summer pudding is made with stale bread but it is much better made with store bought pound cake or brioche.
    • And, save for hard, stale cookies and bars in health food stores, carob was scarce outside my own kitchen.
    • Breakfast is always the same: instant oatmeal, coffee, and stale biscuits.
    • The Nolans live on all the different foods that Katie makes from stale bread.
    • He had spent a restless night on a hard cot, with nothing but stale bread and ale to wake him up in the morning.
    • The next morning, our hopes were further smothered as our complimentary ‘breakfast’ consisted of a stale bun and a cup of milk.
    • They don't mind, since without those leftovers they would either starve or be rummaging in garbage dumps for stale food scraps.
    • Never add food to a dish that has old food in it; throw the stale food out, wash the dish and replenish it with fresh food.
    • Sometimes the dough is stale and impossible to roll out.
    • This then simmers for half an hour before being baked for an hour in a pan layered with very stale bread, Gruyere cheese, and the onion soup mixture.
    • Crusts of stale bread which would otherwise have been thrown out were left on the bridges, to be seized quickly by the diving birds.
    • ‘Very well,’ she said taking the bread back and slowly sinking her teeth into the stale crust.
    • Breakfast - a hunk of stale bread, a cup of sweet, sticky tea and a bowl of watery soup - was pushed through the bars of his cell, but he could eat nothing.
    • I want you to individually hand-dunk each cube of stale bread into the garlic-infused olive oil.
    • We finally make it to the park, loaves of stale bread spilling out of the plastic bags ready to nourish the ducks.
    • Shopping centres, cinemas, high streets, motorways, schools - it seems that no matter where you go, greasy food and stale buns are increasingly on the menu.
    • Just cut off the crusts of some slightly stale bread, and whiz the bread in a food processor.
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    (joke/news) añejo
    (joke/news) viejo
    (ideas) trasnochado
    • Max is very unhappy with the stale, dull, boring, routine life and wife; he feels they've played it too safe and he needs a little danger in his life.
    • You can enjoy this formula for a while - it does not really matter which bands you first became interested in, any will do - but it becomes stale.
    • In the euphoria that surrounds the so-called mainstream, unemployment is stale news.
    • Youthful energy can make stale old artistic endeavours exciting.
    • Even though I'm hearing it for the first time, it seems like stale news.
    • Training programs get stale and boring after about a month of consistent workouts.
    • The difficulties lie more in a plot that drags and characterizations that are rather stale.
    • The events of that day had given this stale slogan a vibrating urgency.
    • Indoor gardens can transform a stale room into a vibrant living space.
    • Circus acts have grown so mundane, stale and outdated that animal acts are now the only way of attracting the publics' attention.
    • Yes I know you thought this matter was stale news but not for those who understand the ramifications for our democracy.
    • Seriously, TV news may have been stale in the old days, but it was also respected.
    • Yet far from being stale, her character comes across with freshness and believability.
    • The same approach over and over can become stale and boring for the students as well as their art teacher.
    • Director, Eisner, deserves credit, too, for delivering a film that seems fresh and exciting, rather than stale and formulaic.
    • He quotes five passages of bad English, in all of which he finds two common qualities: stale imagery and lack of precision.
    • They were energetic and played an interesting style of music, but I found it very boring and stale.
    • News cycles are much shorter and the film will appear stale if released six months later elsewhere.
    • I limp down the street to sweet black coffee where the morning news is old news by now and stale headlines trickle in the city with a heart of gold in a world at war in a laid-back state.
    • As played by Jack Nicholson, he's a newly retired insurance actuary whose wife - in a stale, humdrum marriage - suddenly drops dead.
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    I changed jobs because I was getting stale cambié de trabajo porque me estaba anquilosando