Translation of stall in Spanish:


puesto, n.

Pronunciation /stɔːl//stɔl/


  • 1

    (in market)
    puesto masculine
    tenderete masculine
    • In fact, you don't even have to leave Bangkok to be entertained and amazed by the variety of restaurants, food stalls and markets on display.
    • An article in another paper wrote about the sale of fireworks from a stall in a flea market in Port of Spain.
    • One of the culinary favourites here is asparagus and some of the stalls in the vegetable market were piled high with this succulent delicacy.
    • You'd expect to see a lot of market stalls, but there weren't many this year, and the street vendors were mainly selling food.
    • The charity, which relies heavily on donations from tourists, has a stall at Fethiye market every Tuesday with further information and photographs of their work.
    • Traders at Moreton market abandoned their stalls as crowds of shoppers rushed for cover and flood water rushed down the High Street.
    • Around the central area will be a selection of market stalls, lawn areas, sports activity zones and play areas.
    • He had found work in the local market filling the stall and selling vegetables.
    • There are a number of sweet snacks on sale at market and roadside stalls; puff-puff are a sort of doughnut and chin-chin are crispy morsels of sweetened dough.
    • The ambassador was saluted on her way, and she even stopped to buy some fruits from a market stall.
    • However, it is very difficult to eat badly in Taipei, and dozens of fine restaurants and market stalls are within an easy walk.
    • Suwarni sells friend banana to market stalls, her husband sells coconuts.
    • It was market day and the stalls stood in rows with local people in colourful ethnic clothes squeezing together in throngs, full of happiness.
    • People think buying copies is a victimless crime, but the idea that they are ‘just’ being sold by a couple of guys at a market stall or car-boot sale is misleading.
    • Dawn's parents Doreen and Raymond Stewart have run a jewellery stall on the Monday market for 16 years and their only daughter followed them into the business.
    • Tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stones will be on view at rickety little tables and stalls in the market, and in most cases the stones are genuine.
    • To compensate for the weather which dries the skin and chaps the lips, there are goodies in the form of freshly grilled kababs in the stalls around Russel Market and elsewhere.
    • Roadsides are full of market stalls with fruit, vegetables, meat and other items.
    • Allen Booth has run his fish stall on the town market for nearly 50 years.
    • But even now the stores include counters based on market stalls, selling fruit, bread and more Morrison-made pies and sausages.
  • 2stalls pl

    • 2.1British (in theater, movie house)

      platea feminine
      patio de butacas masculine
      luneta feminine Colombia Mexico
      • From the moment Walter van Dyk started from the back of the stalls to sing the opening of The Threepenny Opera, I felt a frisson which lasted to the end of the evening.
      • A new grid above the front stalls allows objects to be flown over the first three rows.
      • Seated halfway back in the stalls, I thought the harpsichord sounded distractingly amplified.
      • One evening she had sat in the Tsar's Box, not in the regular management seats in the stalls.
      • All the world may well be a stage, but you still expect to find newspaper theatre critics in the stalls rather than treading the boards.
      • In my own case, I usually purchase seats in the stalls for six adults and five children costing in the region of £100.
      • The action is seen as it would be from a good seat in the theatre stalls.
      • Some feel that 20 for a seat in the stalls is a bit steep.
      • Outside, the touts are charging £90 for a seat in the stalls, with no shortage of takers.
      • I was being taken to the stalls and given one of the best seats in the place.
      • He then left the row behind us and returned to his seat somewhere towards the back of the stalls.
      • I remember crying in the back stalls when Storm Boy lost gallant Mr Percival.
      • For performances on December 21 to 24, the stalls and dress circle are almost sold out, but grand circle seats are available.
      • As it happens, there was a ticket mix-up and during the break we were moved from circle seats down to the stalls.
      • It is a measure of this play's success that the call resounds; the wooden courtroom roof arches high above the stalls, and up into the shadows of the audience.

    • 2.2(in theater, movie house, in church)

      the choir stalls la sillería del coro

  • 3

    (in stable)
    compartimiento masculine
    • The animals were confined to drylot paddocks and fed the assigned concentrate in individual feeding stalls.
    • Inside the milking parlor, Lifeline milker Clint Weidkamp coaxes a new heifer into the first of four stalls.
    • Circulating or urinary cortisol concentrations were similar when sows were housed in stalls or groups with three to six pigs per pen.
    • Once clinically stable, each animal was returned to its stall.
    • A copper and an odd crimson brown stallion occupied two stalls on the far end, and three mares were stabled a few stalls down from Asa and across the row.
    • There must have been at least forty stalls in the huge stable, and the loft above had rolled stacks of hay.
    • This configuration recalls the form of traditional livestock barns with a center walkway and animal stalls to each side.
    • Because of individual horse stalls, manual cleaning with a fork or shovel and wheelbarrow, tractor loader, or trailer is common.
    • In contrast to moving from outdoors to neck tethers, moving from outdoors to indoor gestation pens or stalls did not inhibit litter size.
    • Farrowing rate for sows in individual stalls was equal to or superior to sows in other systems.
    • The use of specialized animal stalls and tethers is accepted as a science-based industry standard of management.
    • Cate put Midnight back in his stall in the stable, then slipped back into the manor, concealing her riding clothing in the back of her wardrobe.
    • From inside I could hear the animals shifting in their stalls, ready to be set free for the day.
    • The 18 free stalls used were divided into six sets, excluding both stalls at each end of the row.
    • There stood eight stalls in the stable, six of which contained animals.
    • Sows housed in pens and stalls had similar mean values across all measures with each analysis that was used.
    • After the barn was raised, I built a cowshed and horse stall on the east side.
    • Bales of hay were piled everywhere, and relatively crude stalls housed various farming animals, from horses to pigs.
    • I grinned at him, took Viento's reins, and led him out of his stall, across the stables.
    • Sighing, the girl entered the stables and walked down the rows of stalls, greeting each individual horse by name.
  • 4

    pérdida de sustentación feminine
    the plane went into a stall el avión entró en pérdida
    • Cherokee stalls have long been notable for their supremely gentle nature, sometimes, hardly a stall at all.
    • But if the stick is moved back when the airplane is very close to the stall the aircraft will not pitch up much, if at all.
    • If approaching a stall at racing altitude there would be no chance of recovery.
    • Failing one engine, he brought the aircraft to a stall to stop the rotation of the failed engine's prop.
    • This was especially important for students who were learning carrier landings which were carried out at slow speed and close to the stall.
    • Having got through the psychological barrier of throttling back to idle, I allowed the aircraft to decelerate to the stall.
    • The suggestion in the NTSB's report was that the pilot got into a cross-control stall.
    • The Texan was seen to hesitate momentarily, then slide back on its tail and wing over in recovery from a hammerhead stall.
    • If you're deep into the stall when the wing pays off, you can even drop it in a few feet without bouncing.
    • You'll have more precise control of the plane and can use things like engine stalls to your advantage.
    • After he took it up, felt out the controls and made a couple of stalls, he shot several landings.
    • The 29 working units are frequently plagued by flameouts, engine stalls, generator failures and general mechanical problems.
    • He pulled up into a stall, kicked it into a left hand spin and I started to count.
    • We also know that once we break the stall, the ailerons are our best roll mechanism.
    • This action recovered the aircraft from the deep stall.
    • My instructor told me to go fly it by myself out in the practice area to get the feel of the aircraft: Do some stalls, spin a few times, but have a lot of attitude.
    • When the pilot attempted to fly in a vertical direction to create a stall, the aircraft was forced into a spin.
    • Investigators had to rely on other things to figure out what caused the airplane to experience an aerodynamic stall at a critically low altitude.
    • Fly the airplane to the bottom of the envelope, and stalls are a non-event, a good indication of landing manners as well.
    • This is done to keep you from pulling back on the stick when the ‘G’ forces hit you, and cause an accidental stall on takeoff.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (car/engine) pararse
    (engine/car) ahogarse
    (engine/car) calarse Spain
    (engine/car) atascarse Mexico
    Aviation (plane) entrar en pérdida
  • 2

    (come to standstill)
    (talks) estancarse
    (talks) llegar a un punto muerto
    (talks) llegar a un impasse
  • 3informal

    (play for time)
    when I asked to see him, she stalled cuando dije que quería verlo, me entretuvo para ganar tiempo
    • quit stalling no andes con rodeos / con evasivas
    • stalling tactics maniobras dilatorias

transitive verb

  • 1

    (engine/car) parar
    (engine/car) ahogar
    (car/engine) calar Spain
    (engine/car) atascar Mexico
    (plane) hacer entrar en pérdida
  • 2

    (bring to standstill)
    (growth/negotiations) paralizar
  • 3informal

    try and stall her trata de entretenerla