Translation of stamp in Spanish:


sello, n.

Pronunciation: /stamp//stæmp/


  • 1

    • Their Clyde, Gareloch and Lomond rental holiday homes have received the Scottish Tourist Board's Thistle Award, which is a guaranteed stamp of quality.
    • Democracy confers a stamp of legitimacy that reforms must have to be effective.
    • Either way, he dives headlong into the character, putting his stamp on it for all time.
    • For centuries, Africans and their descendants have crossed oceans and lands to put their unique stamp on the history of the Western Hemisphere.
    • The recording is excellent and the performance has the stamp of authenticity.
    • With no fitted kitchen installed and only basic interior decorating completed, prospective buyers can put their own distinctive stamp on the property.
    • He works alone, without helpers, and every gun that leaves his shop bears the distinctive stamp of a master's work.
    • The courts in this country, besides, have put their final stamp of authority on the authenticity of her citizenship.
    • Their truthfulness to immediate experience gave them the lasting stamp of authenticity.
    • Feroze Khan films have a distinct stamp of sensuality about them.
    • In Santa Rosa, this family-run operation bears the distinctive stamp of its Old World owner, Joe Matos.
    • Unfortunately, Eddie only served as assistant director here, so there was only so much he could do to put his unique stamp on the finished film.
    • Stephen could place his own sardonic stamp on what were in some cases widely shared late Victorian literary tastes.
    • After all, Stephen Malkmus's musicianship is distinct and his artistic stamp on his music is unequivocal.
    • A few architects are managing to put a personal stamp on some state projects.
    • His playing is technically impeccable and bears a distinct stamp of his own charismatic style.
    • A couple of the pieces have the stamp of Prokofiev, and the other three reflect strong 19th Century influences.
    • There are the little touches that add the stamp of character and worth.
    • The vessels they made out of clay had the stamp of genius.
    • Notwithstanding his youth, Perceval captured the vibrant life essence in the van Gogh, putting his own stamp on the image with unique textural qualities and depth.
    • 1.1

      sello masculine
      estampilla feminine Latin America
      timbre masculine Mexico
      before noun stamp album álbum de sellos (or estampillas etc. )
      • stamp dealer comerciante filatélica

    • 1.2

      cupón masculine
      vale masculine

    • 1.3

      timbre masculine

  • 2

    • 2.1(instrument)

      sello masculine
      timbre masculine Chile
      rubber stamp sello (de goma)
      • metal stamp cuño
      • ‘If you look here you'll find your visa stamp,’ he said pointing out to a stamp on a piece of string attached to the shack wall.
      • He even makes his own stamps and tools for the tooling process.
      • Another advantage is that you can actually group stamps on the same block and print them together.
      • The block stamp was placed on the reverse of the DN to avoid obscuring clinical information on the face.
      • Hathaway used a variety of stamps to mark his tools.
      • With the fingers of your other hand, press on the back of the stamp to make the impression.
      • With eyes closed, each one pushes his imprint stamp against his item.
      • Daniels invented concrete stamps that can imprint curving border patterns in concrete.
      • A wood-block stamp dipped in fabric paint leaves an ethnic-looking tattoo with turquoise bead accents.
      • Relief printing uses the principle of a stamp in that the artist cuts away from a block what is not needed in the design.
      • He has a predilection for wallpaper and wrapping paper, to which he applies repetitive motifs using stamps made from cut and engraved blocks of wood dipped in printer's ink or paint.

    • 2.2(printed mark)

      sello masculine
      visa stamp sello de visado
      • Six pages had been taken out of that passport and it did not have a stamp indicating her entry into the United States.
      • She carefully checked the business license number and examined the official stamp on my invitation letter from all directions.
      • We get a stamp in our passports, which includes a visa for three months.
      • He conceded that the placing of his stamp on the drawing indicated his approval of the drawing.
      • Another word of warning, make sure the seed packet has an official government stamp on it, there are some fakes around!
      • His claims were regarded as exaggerated but thousands of dollars and fake passports and visa stamps were found in his house.
      • The stamp only indicates that it has been constructed and tested to minimum standards of construction and flotation.
      • Minutes later, when I was finally alone, I confirmed that Dolores' work permit was no fake, that its official stamp was the real McCoy.
      • The most recent Supreme Court ruling effectively underlines this process, giving it the stamp of constitutional legitimacy.
      • Also, the threats have come from several different sources and some of these had an official stamp and were delivered to me directly.
      • In order to be absolutely sure, the comrade responsible for burden relief stamped the document with an official stamp.
      • Dr. Petit would see the patients, and I would put an official stamp on a document.
      • It's all very safe, and given the stamp of official approval.
      • You've really given the stamp of official approval to one expert when in fact he might be totally wrong in his approach, and then once again, he has to be subjected to challenge if necessary.
      • Probably, it will stand out among all web sites on Madurai, providing authentic information about the district, for it comes with the official stamp.
      • Only royalty declaring economic deals required the stamp of official state sanction.
      • During the raid, Dimitrov confiscated the official stamps of four customs officers.
      • These people are permitted into Korea because the visa stamp in their passports is legal and bona fide.
      • You receive numerous documents with official looking stamps, seals and logo testifying to the authenticity of the proposal.
      • After cleaning, Mr Stone knew what a significant find he held in his hand because of the characteristic individual stamps in the shape of a stylised rosette.

  • 3

    impronta feminine
    his work bears the stamp of genius su obra lleva la impronta / el sello (distintivo) de la genialidad
    • a principal who left her stamp on the institute una directora que dejó su impronta / huella en el instituto
    • a woman of that stamp una mujer como ella
  • 4

    we could hear the stamp of marching feet oíamos pasos de marcha

transitive verb

  • 1

    (with foot)
    (ground) dar una patada en
    to stamp one's foot dar una patada en el suelo
    • to stamp sth down apisonar algo
  • 2

    (letter/parcel) franquear
    (letter/parcel) ponerle sellos a
    (parcel/letter) estampillar Latin America
    (letter/parcel) timbrar Mexico
    send a self-addressed stamped envelope envíe un sobre timbrado con su dirección
  • 3

    (passport/ticket) sellar
    he stamped the invoice with the date selló la factura con la fecha
  • 4

    (coin) acuñar
    (coin) troquelar
    the words were stamped on her memory tenía las palabras grabadas en la memoria
    • she stamped her personal style on the company dejó su impronta en la compañía

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (with foot)
    (person) dar patadas en el suelo
    (horse) piafar
  • 2

    she stamped upstairs/out of the room subió la escalera/salió de la casa pisando fuerte