Translation of stanchion in Spanish:


montante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstæn(t)ʃ(ə)n//ˈstanʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    montante masculine
    • The remains of the suicide vehicle was lying across a ditch near the stanchions of the flyover.
    • The back of my left thigh hit the stanchion.
    • There is barely a scrap of bare metal on the stanchions, pillars, posts, railings, and decking ribs.
    • This system enables the climbers to remain attached to the bridge at all times, without the need to unclip the safety rope each time it reaches a stanchion.
    • She then flew into a rage when the car hit a stanchion.
    • A hollow forged aluminum crown and 30 mm stanchions help keep grams off while still offering maximum rigidity.
    • When I got to the life-preserver, it was rusted to the stanchions on which it was hung.
    • In the latest incident hundreds of pounds' damage had been caused by louts swinging on the railings, pulling the stanchions away and damaging the old stones.
    • A youth crouches on a stanchion under York's new Millennium Bridge - some 15 feet above the bank and the swirling waters of the River Ouse.
    • The overhead power lines caused problems because stanchions supporting them were too far apart and cheap materials had been used.
    • The massive stanchions that had supported the crane gantry rails in the past now support the new steel-framed structures.
    • By the time police managed to get on board from their patrol inflatable, he had caused £21,467 damage to the cruiser and £200 damage to a mooring stanchion.
    • Tensioning the cable results in an uplift force at each of the stanchions.
    • But on a snowy night in the early 1980's, a car skidded into a stanchion, which hit him in the back.
    • With a light snow falling, he had driven on perhaps a hundred yards before his car hit a stanchion at slow speed and came to rest.
    • Her leash was tied to a stanchion on the wall, preventing her from moving more than a few feet in any direction.
    • They acted as an anchorage for the stanchions which, standing on the seabed, supported the harbours.
    • Wisteria is wrapped around the porch stanchions; a squirrel is running along the top of the chain-link fence surrounding a decent-sized garden.
    • The next day the folks working the tow line lowered all the stanchions on the back of the carts to increase the angle of attack.
    • A jet skier who crashed into a stanchion on Blackpool North Pier may have had a heart attack, an inquest has heard.