Translation of standby in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈstan(d)bʌɪ//ˈstæn(d)ˌbaɪ/

nounPlural standbys

  • 1

    (thing, person one can turn to)
    that old standby 'working late at the office' el viejo recurso de 'tengo que trabajar hasta tarde en la oficina'
    • frozen meals are a useful standby in case unexpected guests arrive las comidas congeladas son muy socorridas si llegan visitas inesperadas
    • you should always carry a spare fan belt as a standby siempre se debe llevar una correa de ventilador de repuesto por lo que pudiera pasar
    • I'm here as a standby in case John can't play estoy de reserva / de suplente por si John no puede jugar
    • And atop the van were five bicycles, kept as a standby in case of the breakdown of any cycle during the course of the rally.
    • To ensure emergency electricity supplies, standby generators are being provided for pumping and ventilation.
    • Athens Olympics organisers took the extraordinary step early yesterday of training a standby athlete to light the Olympic flame.
    • A standby crew of 15 fully trained nurses work lull time at The Pas Hospital and are on call 24 hours.
    • Only twelve players are selected along with three reserves and three standbys.
    • BT are also investigating ways to exploit the stocks of fuel set aside to operate the exchange standby power generators.
    • Thank goodness it was only ever a standby facility, and that today it lies rotting and abandoned.
    • Producers can fall into the same reasoning, so standbys and understudies rarely get the job when a star needs to be replaced long-term.
    • They have a standby generator and five solar panels.
    • In most cases, the second server is a standby server - ready to take over if the first server fails.
    • Soup is a great standby, and we Scots are the best soup-makers of all.
    • There are nearly 100 people on night shift as standby in case of emergencies.
    • Permanent standby generators with automatic operation generally cost between $2,200 and $10,000.
    • In all football championship matches the referee must have his own umpires and official linesmen and a standby referee are also appointed.
    • Is the carbon dioxide produced by all those standby power stations accounted for in their statistics?
    • Stored rainwater also is a good standby in times of emergencies such as power outages or during periods of extreme drought when wells dry up.
    • Third, escape routes should be fitted with standby power and smoke - protection devices, and proper evacuation procedures should be planned.
    • It was also reported last week that hospital bosses knew the standby air conditioning unit had been faulty for five years, but did not have the money to repair it.
    • Although you can buy a commercial version of Jenny's ginger, shallot and chilli sauce, she says it is easy to make and is a wonderful standby to have in the fridge.
    • The tugboat is truly multi purpose, as it can lead oil tankers into port, repair petroleum pipes in the sea and act as a standby rescue boat.
    • It was not surprising that a standby system was always in place.
    • Hospitals must have standby power, because building codes and accreditation organizations require it.
  • 2

    (state of readiness)
    to be on standby estar de guardia
    • before noun standby time tiempo de autonomía
    • Gritters and snow ploughs are on standby as temperatures look set to plummet to - 8C across Hampshire next week.
    • Gritters were placed on standby ready to treat motorways and other main roads in an effort to prevent accidents.
    • The rescue service remains on permanent standby and is ready to mobilise to any site worldwide within 12 hours.
    • He said: ‘There was a lifeboat on standby for safety for the crews because they were working above the water.’
    • They had told me to be on standby and not to book a holiday.
    • As part of the government's rapid reaction force, 45 Commando are on permanent standby for deployment to anywhere in the world at very short notice.
    • Likewise, the Reserve forces will be revamped to have 2,800 troops in small units on standby for swift deployment.
    • A Special Reaction Team is on standby 24 hours a day.
    • The lifeboat crew are on standby all the year round.
    • The 16 volunteers - handpicked for their varied skills and expertise - were on standby until the middle of last month.
    • The police helicopter unit was placed on standby.
    • Voters will go to the polls today with 95,000 police on the streets and 100,000 troops on standby for immediate deployment.
    • Firefighters were called to the scene and placed on standby but were not needed.
    • By spotting the danger signs early enough, a civil defence team can be put on standby to provide an immediate response to another flood.
    • One platoon is always on standby for immediate deployment to crisis spots.
    • The property and the adjacent house were cordoned off and an ambulance was put on standby near the scene.
    • The force helicopter will also be on standby to respond to robberies and protect security staff.
    • A waiter was already there on standby in case we needed something.
    • The image consultants have been on 24-hour emergency standby.
    • The air ambulance is one of only three helicopters in the country that covers night flying and is on standby for 19 hours a day, from 8am until 3am, 365 days a year.
  • 3also standby ticket

    pasaje stand-by masculine
    billete stand-by masculine Spain
    • But cheap fares are filling the empty seats staffers used to use on standby.
    • It often involves being trapped on standby in the Atlanta airport on a rainy Friday night.
    • The 74 passengers were put on standby for the next available flight.
    • But he could put me on standby for the last flight out.
    • Very frequent flyers get more free upgrades, often pay less to buy upgrades, and get preferred treatment on standby upgrade lists.
    • The seats are typically offered on standby basis and but have become increasingly hard for employees to nail down as many flights fly at record-full levels.


  • 1

    (ready for emergency)
    (generator/equipment) de emergencia
    (equipment/generator) de reserva
    to be on standby duty estar de guardia
    • standby facility línea de crédito stand-by / de disposición inmediata
  • 2

    (fare/passenger/ticket) (invariable adjective) stand-by


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    (fly/go) stand-by