Translation of standee in Spanish:


Pronunciation /stanˈdiː//stænˈdi/



  • 1

    espectador o pasajero de pie
    • If the meeting is full, such people may also be standees.
    • On the steps of the Baseball Hall of Fame library before a huge crowd of over 10,000 standees in a large field in Cooperstown, New York, Ted Williams made history again on a July day in 1966.
    • Every seat in our coach was taken just a few stops down the line. I have no doubt that there were standees at other parts of the train by the time the train got back to OTC.
    • My coach was 100% occupied leaving Philadelphia, and had standees from Trenton to NYP!
    • The Westbound trip is a FULL train, no standees, at least in my car, but it was a very full train.
    • So each soccer field was likely to have only about 6,000 to 7,000 standees.
    • Ann never left a choice place at the rail during intermission from a conviction that another standee would take possession by the time she returned.
    • We just departed New York 5 minutes late with every seat filled and a few standees.
    • ‘I've been waiting for at least 15 minutes,’ said one standee, who quickly added that she had two children.
    • Although this train was full, there were no standees in my car that I could see.
    • They casually cut through the line to the surprise of the many standees.
    • The train stayed full with people getting off and on all the way although I didn't see standees.
    • The front row of standees pretty much blocks the view of the rest of the orchestra seats from my shoulders down.
    • There is no doubt however, that they were designed predominantly for standees.