Translation of standing in Spanish:


posición, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstændɪŋ//ˈstandɪŋ/


  • 1

    (position) posición feminine
    (prestige) prestigio masculine
    his standing in the community la posición que tiene / el lugar que ocupa en la comunidad
    • a person of high/low social standing una persona de posición social alta/baja
    • an establishment of high standing un establecimiento de gran categoría / de alto standing
    • a magazine of some standing una revista de cierto prestigio
    • she's in very good standing with the party chiefs los jefes del partido la tienen en gran estima
    • In the 1850s and 1860s Gladstone emerged as a politician of clear national standing with a reputation for oratory.
    • Winning an Oscar, it is reasoned, should have a positive effect on feelings of perceived social standing.
    • The rank and social standing of the subjects of portraiture are also expressed by conventions, which shift with time.
    • Much has been made recently in the Evening Advertiser and elsewhere of the low standing of Swindon's Social Services Department.
    • People of lower social standing were respected as valued members of the community.
    • If the customer is of good standing, then the bank will permit him to draw against uncleared proceeds within a given ceiling and usually without prior approval.
    • In my view nothing does more to depress the reputation and standing of teachers than to witness the annual antics that go on there.
    • All serving officers of good standing were entitled to join the RUC, the fledgling Six Counties police force.
    • University status will strengthen the institute's academic reputation and international standing.
    • It is crucially important to the city's reputation and standing nationally and internationally.
    • Only in Pakistani cricket could someone's reputation and standing undergo the sort of transformation that Waqar Younis has just enjoyed.
    • Paralysed by questions about the distribution of wealth, Labour stood by while the housing market drove divisions in wealth and social standing.
    • The person who defends them is a man of good standing, not dynamic but dependable.
    • Unfortunately, not all who are in leading positions or of high standing understand this, as was manifested by the talk show.
    • For centuries, spouse selection was subject to family status and social standing.
    • All of these arguments for social equality rightly stress the importance of people's social status or public standing.
    • Her witnesses confirmed that she was a lady of good standing with an annual income of 300 marks and some claim to royal blood.
    • You are the very first black woman to occupy a position of this standing.
    • Poverty often leads to conditions in which women's civil rights and social standing is far below that of men.
    • In doing so, it was to take into account the applicant's character, reputation and financial standing.
  • 2

    an agreement of long standing un acuerdo vigente desde hace tiempo
    • friends of more than 20 years' standing amigos desde hace más de 20 años
    • a practice of many years' standing una práctica muy antigua / que lleva establecida muchos años


  • 1

    standing charge cuota fija feminine
    • we have a standing invitation to stay with them estamos invitados a ir a quedarnos en su casa cuando queramos
    • it's a standing offer la oferta está siempre en pie
    • it's a standing joke that he never pays for a single drink tiene fama de no invitar nunca a una copa
  • 2

    (upright, not seated)
    (passenger) de pie
    (passenger) parado Latin America
    standing room only! ¡no quedan asientos!
    • she got a standing ovation se pusieron de pie para aplaudirla
    • a standing jump un salto sin carrera
    • 60 mph from a standing start in five seconds de 0 a 60 mph en cinco segundos
    • from a standing start, she has achieved ... partiendo desde cero, ha logrado ...
  • 3

    (water) estancado