Translation of standing committee in Spanish:

standing committee

comisión permanente, n.


  • 1

    comisión permanente feminine
    • Twenty-four standing committees and consultative committees are being constituted to discuss budgetary grants for various departments before the House resumes the Budget session on August 16.
    • Its standing committee meets on Friday to discuss the finer details of the mandate to its members, to fine-tune who and what will be included in the ban.
    • The spending was approved at a meeting on July 5 of the Government standing committee on civil protection in the event of disasters.
    • The issue had been dealt with by the standing committee on public accounts, which had decided that they could not be dismissed.
    • Soon after the initial meeting, members of the committee divided up these topics, anticipating a late spring meeting and a preliminary report to the parent standing committees and the larger academic community.
    • He has served as a member of the standing committee on Aboriginal Affairs and the standing committee on Industry, Science and Technology.
    • If approved, these annual task forces and committees will replace standing committees, thus creating a more fluid committee system that will provide greater opportunities for members to serve as leaders.
    • All Council meetings, all the meetings of the standing committees and advisory boards are open to the public.
    • There will also be standing committees on health, social services, social housing and elders.
    • The standing committees are an empty formality, and the cross-party select committees have no power.
    • It recommends that the mayor should appoint the chairs of the standing committees rather than allowing the committees to select their own chairs.
    • The three conveners for each of the 12 standing committees are elected among each committee's 21 members.
    • Local authorities are obliged under the law to formulate an arts plan, and the minister said he would be interested in establishing a standing committee to assist this.
    • In addition to standing committees, there are special committees whose members serve ex officio or are appointed by the president according to regulations established by the Council.
    • Most standing committees are authorizing committees: They draft the substance of policies and oversee executive agencies' implementation of laws.
    • Later the House passed demands for grants to meet expenses for the next two months pending passage of the Railway Budget 2004-2005 after the setting up of standing committees.
    • All standing committees and liaisons shall report to the Executive Committee.
    • The council is also expected to delegate rules and responsibilities to its nine standing committees headed by mayoral executive committee members and to appoint councillors to these committees.
    • Each of the suggested standing committees may form sub or special committees to address specific outputs or emerging concerns.
    • These standing committees are neither permanent in composition nor specialist in subject-matter.