Translation of standing order in Spanish:

standing order

norma, n.


  • 1

    (rule of procedure)
    norma feminine
    standing orders reglamento masculine
    • He said: ‘It is the credit card financing of public health and we want the council to suspend its standing orders to debate it.’
    • Coun Richard Allen said that under the council's standing orders any schemes costing more than £2,500 had to go out to tender for rival estimates.
    • The standing orders of the German parliament expressly prescribe that each parliamentary faction is entitled to fill a post of deputy president.
    • The Scottish parliament standing orders help cage its backbenchers.
    • He said if the plans were approved, Sutton's Conservative councillors will call the decision in for further scrutiny by requisitioning it under council standing orders.
    • However, John McGinley, the Labour leader on Kildare County Council, yesterday responded by saying that Ms Murphy was well aware of the council's standing orders.
    • Your council's standing orders may also require you to withdraw from the meeting while the matter is discussed.
    • The Human Rights Foundation - in an excellent submission to the Select Committee - says the government in fact is subverting parliamentary standing orders and conventions in the way it is handling the Bill.
    • There were heated exchanges over the investigation at Monday's Co. Council meeting where standing orders were suspended at beginning of the meeting to discuss the probe and the job losses at Waterford Crystal.
    • There's no question that secret split voting is legal under Parliament's standing orders; the problem is that this lack of transparency undermines democratic accountability.
    • Under the council's standing orders, a candidate needs a two-thirds majority or, in this case, five votes out of eight to be co-opted.
    • The EP's Rules of Procedure, the standing orders of the Parliament, set numerical criteria for group formation.
    • However, he admitted that the desire to be able to dismiss the governor was taken into consideration when the committee was deciding to revise the council's standing orders.
    • Indeed, he had wanted to address that night's meeting, but council standing orders prevented him from doing so.
    • There was a great deal of heated debate, and town clerk Graham Gittins was accused of failing in his duty to advise the council of their own standing orders.
    • He said the issue emerged during the deliberation of amendments to the City Council's standing orders, a process which is still underway.
    • Adopt a standing order which says that Council will not take a ratepayer to court without the consent of full Council.
    • The council suspended standing orders to allow speakers for the two groups address the meeting.
    • ‘Earlier this year we attempted to have a provision to allow secret meetings excluded from the standing orders of Sligo Borough Council,’ said a spokesperson for the group.
    • For example, the agenda and standing orders for state council are now publicly available.
  • 2

    • 2.1British (with bank)

      orden permanente de pago feminine
      • Moving house is a good time to sort this sort of thing out - at the same time as you are sending out notifications of change of address, closing down ESB accounts, and cancelling standing orders.
      • ‘Telephone and Internet payments and standing orders should all be speeded up and the money could be available to the recipient on the same day,’ he said.
      • With standing order and internet payments, money is taken from payers' accounts and held by the bank for two days before it gets to the payee.
      • It is not uncommon for banks and financial institutions to overcharge direct debits or standing orders by mistake.
      • The staff, whose role is to deal with queries arising from bank accounts such as standing orders and direct debits, are predominantly part-time women whose wages are vital to the family income.
      • Banks habitually provide other services to account customers - standing orders, direct debits, letters of credit, and so on - but it is not clear whether they are legally obliged to do so.
      • With a standing order you direct the bank to make a payment to another company - perhaps an energy provider or mortgage bank.
      • If you get fed up writing loads of cheques, you've probably set up a number of direct debits, standing orders or credit-card payments.
      • It is usually prudent to set up standing orders on a local bank account to meet bills and taxes.
      • First things first, most banks now have dedicated transfer teams to oversee the swapping over of direct debits, standing orders and bill payments from one bank account to another.
      • In which case, why not divert some of your pay rise into a company share scheme (these can be amazing, as this article reveals), or simply set up a standing order to save a fixed amount on payday?
      • On top of the daily fine of £30, capped at £90 in any month, Lloyds would charge £35 if there was not enough money in your account to pay a standing order, direct debit or cheque.
      • Now, work out how much is left over and set up a standing order with your bank to transfer this amount into your savings account.
      • I'm charged for having an unauthorised overdraft when my bank takes a standing order payment on a Sunday but I cannot pay in the corresponding credit until the next working day.
      • The account also revealed standing orders for the payment of an allowance of £250 pounds each, a month, to two of the Panday daughters.
      • You can arrange for one or both salaries to be paid into the account or set up standing orders so that a certain amount is transferred into the joint account each month.
      • That's why this £100 leaves my bank account by standing order on the last working day of every month, which is when I get paid.
      • Alternatively, you can set up a regular payment at the site via a standing order, by paying directly into the Media Lens savings account with the Triodos Bank.
      • Set up a monthly standing order from your bank account to your card for this flat amount.
      • Last year, 384 million payments were made by telephone and internet banking and standing orders.

    • 2.2(with supplier)

      pedido fijo masculine
      • Can I add items from the website to my standing order?
      • If you have a standing order for this series, you will NOT automatically receive this volume; you will need to specifically order it.
      • You can order a single copy or arrange an ongoing standing order.