Translation of standout in Spanish:


destacado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstandaʊt//ˈstændˌaʊt/



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    (athlete/performer) (before noun) destacado
    there are few standouts among this year's students este año hay pocos alumnos que sobresalgan / (se) destaquen
    • Meanwhile, back at the Empress, a string of standouts reminded us there's good Riesling to be found across the board.
    • The rest of the large cast is uneven but there are several standouts.
    • Other standouts in the cast include Morgan Freeman as Robin's newfound Moorish friend Azeem.
    • Chillonometry feels like one of those early trip-hop comps, dubbed out in places, a little too jazzed and funky in others, with no real standouts at all.
    • So leaving those obvious standouts aside, here are my picks for the best of 2003.
    • Some of the younger participants were real standouts.
    • An inspired pairing with Gerald Levert on the seductive ‘A Rose by Any Other Name,’ is one of many standouts.
    • It was a solid speech without having any dramatic standouts.
    • Give a gold star to any photo you love: it turns your favourites into visual standouts at a glance.
    • None of the performers are individual standouts, but you've probably heard some of their other work.
    • There aren't really any standouts on this disc like there are on Silver Side Up, but there are still a few gems that have never had the airplay they ought to.
    • The most popular and influential stallions in the world will be represented and include such standouts as Storm Cat.
    • There were clearly standouts in terms of talent, natural ability, comfort in their bodies and natural rhythms.
    • Among the standouts are two divergent sets of pics by Mugen.
    • Few singers have Bellamy's energy or vocal range, and standouts here include Screenager and their anthem, Muscle Museum.
    • Other standouts include Eddie Kaye Thomas as the oddball Finch and, of course, Eugene Levy as Jim's ever intrusive father.
    • I don't even know where to begin with the standouts for the night, since pretty much everything was fabulous.
    • The salt-and-pepper shrimp and the chicken-abalone congee were standouts.
    • There are no standouts here; every actor - new and seasoned - is spot-on.
    • Real keeper Iker Casillas, one of their standouts this season, was asked for a revised view on the superior football league in Europe.