Translation of staple gun in Spanish:

staple gun

grapadora, n.


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    grapadora feminine
    engrapadora feminine Latin America
    corchetera feminine Chile
    • Simply cut the fabric slightly larger than the drawer or door front, then use a staple gun to adhere it to the back, stretching it snug as you go.
    • In addition, manual staple guns are available to make fastening the materials to the soil surface easier and faster.
    • Fasten the fabric to the canvas with a staple gun.
    • Every day for weeks we packed up our car with flyers, staple guns, heavy tape, tacks and our children.
    • Arthur sympathizes and remembers his own accident with a staple gun.
    • To keep the netting taut as you unroll it, staple the netting to each post with your staple gun.
    • I use a staple gun to shoot nails into the back of my frame to keep my project in place.
    • I then explained how we would use the palettes as a base and then add painted and cut-out pieces of cardboard with glue guns, staple guns and nails.
    • On the outside walls use a staple gun or small nails to string up lights in the shape of castles, sleighs, Christmas trees, reindeer, etc.
    • First, we stretched the canvas over the plywood boards using staple guns.