Translation of star in Spanish:


astro, n.

Pronunciation /stɑr//stɑː/


  • 1

    Astronomy Astrology
    (astral body)
    astro masculine
    (visible in the sky at night) estrella feminine
    the morning star el lucero del alba / de la mañana
    • it's (written) in the stars está escrito
    • what do the stars foretell today? ¿qué dice el horóscopo para hoy?
    • to be born under a lucky/an unlucky star nacer con buena/mala estrella
    • to see stars ver las estrellas
    • to thank one's lucky stars dar gracias al cielo
    • Castor's skill with horses is said to be shared by those born under the influence of the star.
    • A stellar-mass black hole forms when a heavy star collapses under its own weight in a supernova explosion.
    • The group of astronomers studied a sample of 74 red supergiant stars in the Milky Way.
    • In the early 1800s William Herschel counted stars in different directions.
    • The red star below the saucepan is ‘Betelgeuse’ and is a supergiant star about 320 light years distant.
    • But he visits one website and his declining star goes super nova.
    • Cavalcanti berated the philosopher for giving so much consideration to the influence of the stars.
    • The planet, more than twice the size of Jupiter, orbits two stars, a pulsar and a white dwarf that linked together about a billion years ago.
    • Luminous stars flecked the black night sky like fireflies.
    • So it's incredible to think that millions of people from housewives to world leaders rely on the stars to determine their fortune, financial or otherwise.
    • Previous attempts to measure a neutron star's redshift focused on a star with an enormous magnetic field.
    • Most neutron stars are created when a large star dies as a supernova.
    • But Tarenghi is most thrilled about the observations of pulsating stars known as Cepheid variables.
    • The Sun will then continue its life as a red giant star, but not for long.
    • Apart from the sun, our own star, the nearest star to us is Proxima Centauri, 4.2 light years away.
    • No-one could escape the influence of the stars, he was alleged to be telling them, and it was therefore as well to know one's own future from a chart-reading.
    • Similarly Sirius, the most luminous star in all the heavens, actually has a faint companion.
    • So next time you go out at night to watch the stars with a group of friends and you have to share the only telescope, be patient.
    • Later, astronomers further scrutinized this star with the Hubble Space Telescope.
    • This was done by using Hubble to peer halfway across the universe to find ancient exploding stars called supernovae.
    • This new heat supply causes the outer layers of the star to expand and cool, and the star becomes a red giant, or a red supergiant if it is very massive.
    • Astronomers know little about the strength of stellar winds around young stars and red dwarfs.
    • Many planets have been found revolving around stars outside the Solar System.
    • This is an easy way to differentiate Mars or Saturn from the stars at night.
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    (symbol) estrella feminine
    (asterisk) asterisco masculine
    the Star of David la estrella de David
    • a four-star hotel un hotel de cuatro estrellas
    • two-/four-star petrol gasolina normal/súper
    • The car scored five stars in the Euro NCAP crash tests.
    • A children's sun spray from Nivea claimed a UVA star rating of three, yet the tests found it was two.
    • We would like to go further next year and get four or five stars if we can.
    • I wonder to what heights a restaurant must climb in order for A A Gill to award it five stars?
    • The star ratings, launched this year by the Department of Health, cover all councils in England with social services responsibilities.
    • Gucci's Rush, which he gave five stars, smelt like ‘an infant's breath mixed with his mother's hair spray’.
    • One of the problems with the star ratings is that the margin of failure needs only to be quite small for vital stars to be lost.
    • Making a best and worst film list for the year is a task some critics love and I've usually avoided, for the same reason that I avoid giving ratings or stars.
    • Wiltshire Ambulance has been awarded no stars in NHS performance ratings for two consecutive years after failing to meet response time targets.
    • Two stars indicate sites that really must be visited; one star designates sites that should not be missed if you are in the area.
    • The Government has announced it is scrapping the star ratings system for NHS services and is considering a replacement.
    • The star ratings were awarded after all trusts were assessed against key targets from April 2003 to March 2004.
    • He is the only man to have been awarded five stars on the Hollywood Walk of fame and this collection is a worthy testament to his singing talents.
    • Mr Skelton said the star ratings did not reflect the continuing hard work and commitment of staff.
    • Hence four stars, not five, for otherwise this is a terrific performance by the London Symphony Orchestra on its own label.
    • Overall, four and a half stars out of five for this performance.
    • If I had not tasted Sainsbury's, I would have awarded this five stars.
    • Local authorities can receive up to three stars - indicating excellent - for their performance.
    • Why is there a star next to some users' names on the active users lists?
    • If you're planning to take the kids with you, Emirates has to be the choice because it rated five stars for assisting parents with children.
    • The project received one star, in a system where no stars indicates poor and three excellent.
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    estrella feminine
    she became a star overnight se convirtió en una estrella / alcanzó el estrellato de la noche a la mañana
    • a movie star una estrella de cine
    • before noun star attraction atracción estelar / especial
    • star performance actuación estelar
    • his star pupil su alumno estrella
    • she's got star quality tiene madera de estrella
    • star role papel estelar
    • star witness testigo principal
    • Ordinary Mayo sportspeople turned into sports stars of the same quality as Roy Keane or Eddie Irvine.
    • Then, of course, he became the biggest rap star on the planet.
    • Oldfield was the biggest star of an emerging sport struggling to gain a foothold of legitimacy.
    • Pop and sports stars will get the message out on radio and TV, and schools are being asked to sign up to an anti-bullying Charter for Action.
    • Principally, though, Save The Last Dance importantly heralded the arrival of Julia Stiles as an actress with genuine star quality.
    • Sport stars are big news these days, and not always for how they perform on the pitch, the track, the arena or in the pool or the ring.
    • In America, women players are genuine stars and the sport is far more established.
    • Sports stars can be incredibly talented, innovative and breathtaking, but they're not geniuses.
    • The man you saw on the screen was a down-to-earth, likeable guy who just happened to be a TV star.
    • Bob was enabled and allowed to pursue this kind of destructive behaviour because he was a minor TV star.
    • Ask them who their heroes are and they will all be ephemeral figures - stars of sport and pop music.
    • He persuaded a number of former TV child stars to play cameo roles in the movie.
    • In fact, they've issued subpoenas to some of the sport's biggest stars.
    • The leading aviators became as famous as sports stars and Hollywood actors.
    • Simon Cowell is the music mogul who has become a bigger star than the pop idols he helped create.
    • He's a famous star, sees a big picture of himself as the limo drives him to his hotel, an ad of his pushing some kind of liquor.
    • Well, former Major League Baseball player Jose Canseco has said some of the biggest stars in his sport used steroids.
    • Plus in the Democratic race, Bill Bradley gets a political assist from the biggest star in professional sports.
    • The tennis star lost her U.S. Open quarter-final match against after the umpire appeared to make three erroneous calls that went against her.
    • A crude, funny novel about a Texas football player who becomes a star in the Big Apple.

transitive verb

  • 1

    Television Cinema Theatre
    the famous film which starred Bogart and Bergman la famosa película que tuvo como protagonistas a Bogart y Bergman
    • '2005', starring Mike Kirnon '2005', con (la actuación estelar de) Mike Kirnon
  • 2

    (items/passage) marcar con un asterisco

intransitive verb

  • 1

    she has starred in several films ha protagonizado varias películas