Translation of star-spangled in Spanish:


tachonado de estrellas, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈstɑrˌspæŋɡəld/



  • 1

    (heavens/sky) tachonado de estrellas literary
    • I have stood on the summit of Ben Nevis in winter after completing a snow-and-ice climb, and looked down on the twinkling lights of Fort William, with a star-spangled firmament above.
    • It makes me aware of my own mortality and I feel like a child looking into the vast, star-spangled night sky, feeling very small and insignificant.
    • With the canopy of a star-spangled sky, the frozen stillness of stone entrapping centuries of history, and the soft sound of the waters, it is truly an experience that belongs to the realm of the unforgettable.
    • Outfitted in a star-spangled costume, with her muscular shoulders and her black hair piled high, Pages looks like a 105-pound flyweight version of Wonder Woman.
    • On this occasion though, they were out in the open just after dark and Spencer Jones was admiring the brilliant star-spangled sky.