Translation of starlit in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈstɑrˌlɪt//ˈstɑːlɪt/


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    iluminado por la luz de las estrellas
    • This weekend I'm going travelling - to Christchurch on Saturday, then to Auckland on Sunday morning, and then back to the starlit capital Sunday night.
    • Into the starlit night, foolish dreamers turn their gaze
    • The year was ushered in by starlit skies, a bright silvery moon and biting cold.
    • But when the sun goes down, those cloudless, starlit nights are the envy of astronomers around the world.
    • Revel in the peace, the rivers and the starlit night as you rest for a hike tomorrow.
    • The Crystal Palace was beautiful at night, with the starlit crystalline spires glowing a faint blue.
    • The night was clear and starlit, making it feel more romantic than it I would have liked it.
    • For example, if you want a romantic starlit night sky to be part of your wedding, rent a tent with a translucent ceiling.
    • A thin crescent moon hung in starlit skies, giving off just enough light for him to see by.
    • They couldn't see the beauty of a starlit night or a sunny day.
    • With no street lights or industry, it offers unparalleled views of starlit skies.
    • Candles were added in the 17th century to symbolise the starlit sky on the night of the nativity - before that, they were hung with paper roses and apples to honour Mary.
    • Whereas Wagner tries to create a total work of art in this way, the king of Bavaria builds fairytale castles with all kinds of unreal touches, such as starlit skies for a bedroom.
    • The couple were camped outside on a beautiful starlit night.
    • She then gazed upwards into the starlit night sky that blanketed the heavens above.
    • While we would often associate Beale Strand with leisurely walks at this time of the year, now as the night draws in on a starlit night you are likely to see people out with their telescopes exploring the sky.
    • We headed out the door and into the starlit night.
    • Then tens of thousands of Polaris customers and fans joined the fun at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds at Minneapolis for a party that ran all day Saturday and late into a warm starlit night.
    • I imagined how this very township must have looked - that silent starlit night when the three Wise Men plodded along the silvery sands to greet the birth of a new born baby.
    • The meal - an al fresco affair under a starlit sky - is a quintessentially Rajasthani affair.