Translation of starry-eyed in Spanish:


iluso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌstɑːrɪˈʌɪd//ˈstɑri ˈˌaɪd/


  • 1

    (full of illusions)
    (person) iluso
    (person) soñador
    he's no starry-eyed idealist no es ningún idealista ingenuo
    • Hers is a role that calls for a certain maturity, not starry-eyed romantic innocence, and she does well with what she has to work with.
    • It may be a starry-eyed American leftist's idealization of Canada, or it may just be true.
    • Yet this may require a down-to-earth approach deeply disappointing to starry-eyed technological enthusiasts.
    • And these two starry-eyed lovers can't wait to get hitched.
    • He recalled, starry-eyed, the famous occasion when still a pre-school toddler, he was travelling with his mum into Dublin city centre.
    • McCaw may be a hard-nosed businessman, but there is a starry-eyed visionary in him, too.
    • But, these were painters of fantasy, merely starry-eyed utopians unfit to be assigned any place in the Republic of Plato.
    • It is the writing of a man who understood that sober, bleak-eyed realism serves the cause of human emancipation more faithfully than starry-eyed Utopia.
    • It is true, however, that relationships between cads and starry-eyed romantics are rarely what they seem.
    • Moreover, as Clinton apologists always maintained, it does not have to collapse into starry-eyed unrealism.
    • So here is yet another youngster with starry-eyed visions of winning a Grammy aka Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt.
    • A great many of them soon find their starry-eyed enthusiasm dissipating as they realise what a tough place the UK can be.
    • The students do not, for the most part, have a starry-eyed vision of the U.S. as The Country That Does Everything Right.
    • I was generally a starry-eyed romantic teen rather than a lusty one.
    • That doesn't mean we're left with a starry-eyed romanticism.
    • It's easy to be cynical about a film like this, especially when you see the number of starry-eyed romantic comedies that I do.
    • This is a situation no one but the most starry-eyed prophet could have imagined in 1978.
    • Couples who began their dating relationships starry-eyed and dreamy all too often end them red-eyed and dismayed.
    • Focusing on something larger is not necessarily a starry-eyed idealism.
    • Independent, head-strong and may be more than a little starry-eyed about Bollywood, Mallika at least has the guts to stand up for what she believes.
  • 2

    she gazed at him all starry-eyed lo miraba arrobada
    • to go starry-eyed quedar arrobado