Translation of start in Spanish:


principio, n.

Pronunciation /stɑrt//stɑːt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(beginning)

      principio masculine
      comienzo masculine
      at the start al comienzo
      • from the start desde el principio / comienzo
      • from start to finish desde el principio hasta el fin
      • the start of the academic year el inicio del año escolar
      • to make a start( on sth) empezar algo
      • at least we've made a start por lo menos hemos empezado
      • let's make a start on that painting job empecemos a pintar de una vez
      • to make an early start (on a journey) ponerse en camino a primera hora
      • to make a fresh / new start empezar / comenzar de nuevo
      • to get (sth) off to a good/bad start empezar (algo) bien / con el pie derecho/mal / con el pie izquierdo
      • to give sb a good start in life darle a algn la base para un buen porvenir
      • he didn't have a very good start in life tuvo una infancia difícil
      • The committee has no rigid rules for determining the start or finish of a business cycle.
      • From start to finish, the treatment of the defendants was a travesty of legal due process.
      • The film will show the work from its start, through its construction to its delivery to the stadium.
      • He makes a point of being on playground duty at the start and finish of the school day, so parents can bring any concerns to him.
      • When crunching, keep your abdominal muscles contracted from the start to finish of each move.
      • At its Monday session, the Constitutional Court inaugurated the start of the case.
      • Thirty hours after the start of treatment the cells were harvested and micronucleus slides were prepared.
      • They are at the start of a long journey, and must be given the benefit of the doubt.
      • The start and finish of this linear route are poorly served by public transport.
      • What is needed is immediate end to confrontation and start of positive engagement.
      • That is a pretty devastating turnaround from the initial outlook at the start of the year.
      • However, this would result in the balances being in a worse position than at the start of the financial year.
      • This hole is the start of a project initiated to commemorate the millennium for the people of Trowbridge.
      • From start to finish the whole operation was ill-conceived, hurriedly executed and bungled.
      • After having accepted the invite, two hours before the start of the game he phoned me to say he wasn't coming.
      • It was the close to the start of my first semester of my senior year at Sequioa High School.
      • It was an ill omen at the start of the journey, but the trek couldn't be postponed any longer.
      • Chelsea seized the initiative from the start, and might have scored in the seventh minute.
      • After plenty of rain over the preceding 24 hours, the start of play was delayed to allow a wet outfield to improve.
      • At the start of my third hour I suddenly recalled that I had not eaten for seven hours.

    • 1.2

      for a start para empezar

  • 2

    • 2.1(of race)

      salida feminine
      false start salida nula / en falso
      • There was a considerable delay to the start of the race due to a knock to First Row.
      • Judging by the shape of the first corner, the start of the race could be interesting.
      • Participants are urged to arrive at least an hour before the start, and say parking will be available in a field at the hall.
      • Cricket commitments meant that I was always going to be an hour late for the start.
      • However today my race was really over when I stalled the car at the start and had to begin my race from the pit lane.
      • The early evening kick-off saw a number of players stranded in rush hour traffic and the start was delayed.
      • It begins with a mass start and the aim is simply to cross the finishing line first.
      • Anyone arriving later than 10.30 am is unlikely to get into the estate in time for the race start.
      • It can get a bit crowded at the start of a race and the potential for a crash is significant.
      • He bustled Ouija Board into fifth soon after the start and held his position until the field quickened down the back stretch.
      • I was very aggressive at the start and during the race I tried to defend my second place and to not do any mistake.
      • John Pawson missed the start of the second race, having damaged his fin and forced to make a quick repair.
      • Injuries forced the lineup to change three times prior to the start of the race.
      • The race start was delayed four times on the Saturday, as there was a complete lack of wind for the ships to sail.
      • The exact course was a secret until about three hours before the start of the race.
      • I lost a lot of time at the start of the race and I tried to close the gap as much as possible.
      • So last Saturday Fell Foot was a country traffic jam as 491 runners arrived at the race start.
      • The heavy rain held up the start for an hour and a half and left sodden fairways and greens to add to the golfers' worries.
      • He ate, drank and stretched and at 9am lined up at the start, to begin his second marathon.
      • It was a magnificent sight to see so many participants surging through the Claddagh at the start of the race.
      • I flew up this morning from Philadelphia and just made it in time for the start of the race.

    • 2.2(lead, advantage)

      ventaja feminine
      this gave him a start over his competitor esto le dio (una) ventaja con respecto a su contrincante
      • His oldest brother, Tory, would give him an hour's head start before following in his car.
      • Sulamani was not too well away and gave most of his rivals plenty of start.
      • The limit riders headed off with a 23 minute start, but were caught at about the half way mark several kilometres after Mokepilly.
      • The senior race also climbs to this summit, the first of five they have to climb (the juniors only do one), and with a five minute start the first junior usually beats the first senior to the top.
      • It world take forever to find the pair in town, especially with nearly an hour head start.

    • 2.3(starting line, gate)

      salida feminine
      línea de partida feminine

  • 3

    to give a start dar un respingo
    • to give sb a start asustar a algn
    • I woke up with a start me desperté sobresaltado

transitive verb

  • 1

    (journey/conversation/negotiations) empezar
    (conversation/negotiations/journey) comenzar
    (journey/conversation/negotiations) iniciar
    (course/job) empezar
    (course/job) comenzar
    the newspaper started life as a weekly magazine el periódico comenzó / empezó siendo una revista semanal
    • I start work at eight empiezo / entro a trabajar a las ocho
    • don't start that again! ¡no vuelvas con eso!
    • to start -ing , to start to + inf empezar a + inf
    • they started arguing empezaron a discutir
    • she started to laugh se echó a reír
  • 2

    (cause to begin)
    dar comienzo a
    largar Southern Cone Mexico
    (fashion) empezar
    (fashion) iniciar
    (fire/epidemic) provocar
    (argument/fight) empezar
    (country) empezar
    (incident) desencadenar
    we want to start a family queremos empezar a tener hijos
    • stop hitting her! — she started it ¡deja de pegarle! — fue ella la que empezó
    • don't (you) start anything with me! ¡no te metas conmigo!
    • to start sb on sth/ -ing
    • to start sb -ing
    • I'll start you on some filing primero te voy a poner a archivar
    • I start my students on Dickens primero les doy a leer Dickens a mis alumnos
    • her words started me wondering sus palabras me dieron que pensar
    • this will start them talking! ¡esto les dará que hablar!
    • the noise started the baby crying el ruido hizo que el niño se pusiera a llorar
    • to get sb started darle cuerda a algn
  • 3

    (business) abrir
    (business) montar
    (business) poner
    (charity/organization) fundar
    (plan) poner en marcha
    his father started him in his own business el padre le montó / le puso un negocio
    • I need $20,000 to get me started necesito 20.000 dólares para empezar
  • 4

    (cause to operate)
    (engine/dishwasher) encender
    (engine/dishwasher) prender Latin America
    (car) arrancar
    (car) poner en marcha
    (car) hacer partir Chile

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (meeting/term/school) empezar
    (school/term/meeting) comenzar
    (term/school/meeting) iniciarse formal
    (pain/noise/race/journey) empezar
    (race/noise/journey/pain) comenzar
    when can you start? ¿cuándo puede empezar / comenzar?
    • the day started badly el día empezó mal
    • the party starts at eight la fiesta empieza / comienza a las ocho
    • prices start at $30 cuestan a partir de 30 dólares
    • to get started comenzar
    • right then, let's get started bueno, empecemos / comencemos
    • don't you start as well! ¡no empieces ahora tú también!
    • to start again / over volver a empezar
    • to start by -ing empezar por + inf
    • to start from sth
    • you can start by reading this puedes empezar por leer esto
    • the tour starts from the station at two o'clock la excursión sale de la estación a las dos
    • starting (from) next January a partir del próximo mes de enero
  • 2

    to start with
    • we'll have soup to start with para empezar tomaremos sopa
    • to start with, we'll have to draw up a plan primero / para empezar vamos a tener que trazar un plan
    • I was optimistic to start with, but ... al principio estaba llena de optimismo, pero ...
  • 3

    (custom/fashion) empezar
    (custom/fashion) originarse
    it all started from an idea I had as a student todo surgió de una idea que tuve cuando era estudiante
    • the fire started in an upstairs room el incendio empezó en una habitación del piso alto
  • 4

    (be founded)
    ser fundado
    the business/society started some years ago la empresa/la sociedad fue fundada / se fundó hace algunos años
  • 5

    (set out)
    to start back emprender el regreso
    • to start up/down the stairs empezar a subir/bajar la escalera
    • it's time we started (for) home es hora de volver a casa
    • we start from the hotel at six salimos del hotel a las seis
  • 6

    (begin to operate)
    (car) arrancar
    (car) partir Chile
    (dishwasher) empezar a funcionar
    (dishwasher) ponerse en marcha
    the car won't start el coche no parte Chile
  • 7

    (move suddenly) dar un respingo
    (be frightened) asustarse
    (be frightened) sobresaltarse
    I started (up) from my chair me levanté de la silla de un salto
    • she started at the noise se asustó / se sobresaltó con el ruido
    • she started out of her dream se despertó de su sueño sobresaltada
    • tears started to her eyes los ojos se le llenaron de lágrimas
  • 8

    (eyes) salirse de las órbitas

Translation of START in Spanish:



Pronunciation /stɑːt//stɑrt/


  • 1

    START masculine

    Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty