Translation of starter in Spanish:


entrada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstɑrdər//ˈstɑːtə/


  • 1

    entrada feminine
    primer plato masculine
    entrante masculine Spain
    • From finger foods and starters to main courses, pastry and puddings, he has produced a range of ingenious recipes to tempt even the most committed carnivore.
    • It's not like your average menu of starters, main courses and puddings, where you can gauge how much of each to eat if you want to leave room for the rest.
    • Even at buffet dinners, it is advisable to stick to the usual schedule of salads, soups, starters, main course and dessert.
    • TV chef Lesley Waters has been recruited to showcase a range of mouth-watering British recipes, including starters, main courses and puddings.
    • On our visit last week we threw caution to the wind and ordered nearly a meal's worth of starters.
    • Do I need to tell you that the last thing you want as a starter to your evening meal after a day of tropical heat is eggs Benedict?
    • To round off a quality meal, we also found that the puddings were a rarity - ones that lived up to the quality of the starters and main courses.
    • So was the food, which consisted of three starters and a main course of three curries, pilau rice and two nan breads.
    • It offered the usual salads, starters, cooked meals, wines and rakias as well as a decent selection of seafood dishes at very good prices.
    • They served the starters with the main course, knocked over bottles of beer, forgot the dessert menu and couldn't get the credit card machine to work for a while.
    • But there's nothing small about the menu, which changes every eight weeks: seven starters and seven main courses, plus a list of daily specials.
    • We had delicious salad starters, followed by steak and chicken dishes and then divine chocolate puddings.
    • Meanwhile, down in Pimlico, four starters, four main courses, two ice creams, three beers and a pot of tea came to £65 with tip.
    • Despite the flaws, there was enough expertise in the starters and second course to confirm that there is still a great deal of talent in the Balbirnie kitchen.
    • The guests will enjoy a four-course meal that includes two starters of fresh asparagus and a seafood mix.
    • Contestants will have one hour to create menus, which must include a seafood starter and seafood main course along with suggested accompanying wines.
    • Serve them at tea time or as starters before meals.
    • This one has mangos in all dishes from starters, soups to main course delicacies and desserts.
    • The variety of food is extremely wide - from salads, cold and hot starters and pizzas to main courses of lamb, pork, chicken, or fish.
    • We spent the next 10 minutes trying to choose two starters and main courses - we usually share, having half of each other's dishes.
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    • 2.1Sport

      juez de salida feminine
      • Tarapore and Kapila even had the discomfiture of being fined five penalty points for jumping the starter's gun in the second race.
      • As the starters signalled the first race a light rain signalled the wintry conditions at Munich's Olympic regatta course.
      • At the second race, the starter didn't show up, and Sweeney's career as a flagman was launched.
      • ‘The starter held the race while the announcer told people I was retiring,’ said Hickman.

    • 2.2Sport

      participante masculine
      competidor masculine
      competidora feminine
      • She is the only starter from four foals of racing age in her sire's first crop.
      • Mullins says Mossy Greene is his only definite starter but that the two big names are ready to run and will reappear quite soon even if they don't make Clonmel.
      • Hold That Tiger is the only one of O'Brien's potential starters to have raced in the United States this year.
      • Same Day Blues is Same Day Delivery's first starter from 10 foals in his first crop of racing age.
      • Four of the 12 listed starters were scratched as the race was contested over a turf course listed as soft.
      • Sir Spellbinder, a ten-year-old son of Time for a Change, has one other starter out of five foals in one crop of racing age.
      • Classic starters Pinpoint and Hal's Image finished sixth and seventh, respectively.
      • Freshman sire Canvas has sired one winner and one starter from 11 foals of racing age in his first crop.
      • It also prompted Bailey to tout the filly, trained by Frank Brothers, as a possible starter in the Breeders' Cup Sprint.
      • Shirttail is the only starter from five foals in the first crop of racing age of Shirttail Flying, who has also sired four yearlings.
      • Sellers was injured when he was thrown from his mount, first-time starter Hike, before the afternoon's fifth race.
      • Paraneck Stable's former classic starter Griffinite has been retired due to a slight ligament strain in his left front leg.
      • Susan Magnier's Reach for the Moon is the lone starter from the powerful Aidan O'Brien stable.
      • O'Brien also outlined plans with Racing Post for some of his other prominent starters in regards to the Breeders' Cup.
      • Hendricks had been winless with 18 previous starters during the Del Mar meet.
      • Frankel's other starter in the race, Stronach Stable's Milwaukee Brew, figures to be closing in deep stretch.
      • Average starters remained the same from 2002 with 9.1 going to the gate this year.
      • Worse still, every paper lists him as a definite starter in Sunday's game.
      • He has sired one starter from two foals of racing age.
      • Taiki Blizzard is the most recent Japanese-based starter in the Breeders' Cup Classic.

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    he was a slow/late starter at school fue de desarrollo lento/tardío en el colegio
    • Arguello was usually a slow starter and Ismael was a very good counter puncher.
    • One of the things about being a slow starter is that you work a little harder.
    • After the best first round of his career by a champion who formerly had the reputation of being a slow starter, the only question was how long Brodie would last.
    • Throughout my whole career I've basically been a slow starter.
    • Like his good friend Henry he has been a slow starter although he remains confident of an upturn.
    • Johnson always has been a bit of a slow starter in terms of throwing out runners.
    • He may have been a slow starter, but lately O'Shea has been surging forward.
    • Throughout his career, he has always been a slow starter - but a great finisher.
    • He does however still drift in and out of games, whilst he seems to be a slow starter to each new season.
    • Favourite Ivan Denisovich was a slow starter, and could only finish fourth.
    • I look forward to St Valentine's Day, partly because I was a late starter and never received any cards or presents until I met my partner nine years ago.
    • Maria had to come back from a set down against Ai Sugiyama, too, but that doesn't make her a slow starter.
    • Perhaps fortunately for Finley, he is usually a slow starter and thus is used to overcoming slumps.
    • Despite the crowd's obvious enthusiasm, the gig was a slow starter.
    • It will be interesting to see how Greer, traditionally a slow starter, responds to the long layoff.
    • As a professional footballer, Paul was a late starter.
    • Johnny wanted him to come out, but the staff said, you know, he's a slow starter.
    • A slow starter at the best of times, he kept missing good-length balls from the mighty Murtagh and Sampson.
    • Also a serious Palme d' Or contender, Chunhyang is a slow starter.
    • That's another way of saying she is a slow starter and sometimes even a no-starter.
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    Motor Vehicles
    motor de arranque masculine
    • The team had also lost time changing a starter motor, and then Dayton received a stop-and-go penalty for speeding in the pit lane.
    • The hybrid's electric motor itself serves as the starter motor.
    • I grimaced, crossing my fingers and jabbing the starter button for the engine.
    • Mysteriously, my starter motor failed whilst the car was with them too.
    • She said they had hired Mr Moss to fix a starter motor on one of their fleet, a 50-seater 40 ft-long coach.
    • Mikes double stint was further delayed when a starter motor problem forced the team to push the car into the garage while the component was replaced.
    • However, concern over the starter motor stayed with them until the end of the rally.
    • This meant that he had to get off the start line of stages five and six using just the starter motor.
    • The difference is there is a helicopter starter engine that always keeps the turbo spinning at high revs, and hence the power.
    • It starts a combustion engine by igniting a fuel-air charge without engaging the starter motor.
    • About the most modern part of the electronics on the Morgan is the ignition key to connect the battery to the starter motor!
    • Retired bus driver Alan Liptrot, 66, was knocked down by the Skoda car as he used a piece of wire to start a faulty starter motor.
    • This system is setup so that the driver, with foot on the brake, pushes the button once, and the starter cranks until the engine starts.
    • When you turn the ignition key, the starter motor spins the engine a few revolutions so that the combustion process can start.
    • The rocker switch was positioned to the left engine and the starter switch was engaged.
    • My car mechanic, recently working on my car's engine, struggled for an hour to remove the starter motor.
    • On his return, I sat into the car, turned on the ignition and pulled the starter switch and the engine came to life immediately.
    • What's needed is a new version of the automatic starter that replaced those antique car hand cranks.
    • From the darkened bar from which I dictate this missive, I can hear the starter engines revving up!
    • Then the starter motor packed up, so from that point on I always parked on a hill so I could bump start it.
  • 5also starter culture

    Cooking Biology
    cultivo de bacterias necesario para iniciar ciertos procesos de fermentación
    • With their understanding of the company, they were the starter culture, in Mackey's metaphor, launching the fermentation that would turn Columbus Circle into a true Whole Foods store.
    • After incubation at 37°C for 2 days, a single colony was picked and put into a 10 ml starter culture which also contained 20 g/ml chloramphenicol.
    • A 10 mL starter culture (LB broth with 50 mg/mL carbenicillin) was inoculated from frozen stock and incubated overnight at 37°C with shaking.
    • To the company's intellectual property belongs also a collection of over 700 lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria isolated from ecologically pure regions of the country and over 100 various starter culture combinations.
    • However, these counts may not accurately reflect probiotic content as they do not differentiate probiotic bacteria from starter culture bacteria such as S. thermophilus.
    • Oxygen is an especially important nutrient, which is supplied in large quantity during production of the yeast starter culture.
    • ‘Where my gut feeling is, the important factors are proper starter culture, proper usage, and raw milk quality,’ says Reddy.
    • Let it cool to about 45 degrees and add yogurt starter culture, available at health food stores, or live culture yogurt from the grocery store.
    • The TBAK technology determines bacterial counts in cheese starter cultures in fewer than 10 minutes.
    • The traditional process of cheesemaking ensues when the bacteria in the starter culture begin growing by fermenting the lactose in the milk into lactic acid.
    • Then a starter culture of lactic streptococci and lactobacilli bacteria is added.
    • Fruit may contribute undesirable yeasts and bacteria to the yogurt, making it a poor starter culture.
    • The starter culture was diluted 1: 30 into fresh medium containing 100 M of IPTG.
    • ‘They're normal inhabitants of our gastrointestinal tracts; they're used as starter cultures in different cheeses in Egypt; and there are a lot of Enterococcus that enter our system,’ she says.
    • The starter cultures generally are desirable bacteria that produce lactic acid, gas for eye development, flavor, color and texture, and give milk its consistency.
    • The starter culture initiates the process, and begins the growth of the bacteria.
    • The first step is to add a starter culture to milk, and add to that a rennet coagulant, made from a calf's fourth stomach.
    • It will also be valuable for natural cheeses, and if they want to know the starter culture.
    • Strains are available for a range of desired properties; for instance, there are designated classes of cultures for use in cheese starter cultures, yogurt, milk, buttermilk and sour cream.
    • Finding a suitable starter culture can at times be difficult.
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    starter fertilizer fertilizante de arranque masculine
    • starter kit / pack equipo básico (para principiantes)
    • starter plant planta para el jardinero novato