Translation of stasis in Spanish:


estasis, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsteɪsɪs//ˈstasɪs//ˈsteɪsɪs/


  • 1

    estasis feminine
    • The resulting stasis may have contributed to the development of calciphylactic lesions in this patient.
    • Blood stasis is a condition in which the flow of blood in the veins has become sluggish and slow.
    • Venous stasis ulcers often are shallow with irregular borders and are surrounded by indurated, hyperpigmented skin.
    • The pathogenesis probably involves a combination of biliary stasis, chemical inflammation and ischemia.
    • Venous stasis disease most commonly occurs in patients with obesity, congestive heart failure or diabetes.
    • The clot itself causes stasis of blood, discomfort and pain in the leg and calf and swelling at the ankles.
    • Their presence implies tubular obstruction with prolonged stasis.
    • Abnormalities of blood flow or venous stasis normally occur after prolonged immobility or confinement to bed.
    • Venous stasis during surgical procedures is caused by several mechanisms.
    • During flight, it is important that pregnant travelers move around to avoid venous stasis and remain adequately hydrated.
    • This boosts the blood circulation, eliminating venous stasis and consequent clogging.
    • Venous, or stasis, ulcers and skin condition are evaluated in section M of the MDS.
    • Mucus stasis with acute and chronic inflammation was also noted.
    • As a result, a thrombus in the left atrial appendage may develop due to the stasis of blood in the left atrium.
    • The singlet oxygen then causes vascular stasis followed by edema and hemorrhage.
    • In addition, vomiting and accompanying gastric stasis can inhibit the effectiveness of oral analgesics.
    • Application of glycerol to the subdermis resulted in venule stasis and for prolonged treatment times, arteriole stasis.
    • Usually, it shows extreme heat or extreme cold and blood stasis.
    • It indicates a deficiency of blood and essence, qi stagnation, and blood stasis.
    • A combination of needles and moxibustion can be used where there is both stagnation / stasis and vacuity.
  • 2formal

    (static situation)
    estancamiento masculine
    • Despite the stasis of the couples' narratives, however, a kind of catharsis seems finally to take place.
    • Most populations of organisms at any given time are in stasis or genetic equilibrium, as the fossil record indicates.
    • During this period of time, an almost complete stasis was observed.
    • But despite the drama, there remains a strange political stasis here.
    • From the late sixteenth century, stasis replaced the earlier dynamism of ideas and applications.
    • Or to put it the other way, stasis and stagnation are signposts along the path towards cessation and death.
    • This also explains why evolution often appears to go in spurts after periods of apparent stasis.
    • It also reveals Yo La Tengo's understanding of stasis without stagnation.
    • The illness gets worse and worse as time passes, and the periods of stasis last increasingly longer.
    • Above all, she has the confidence to slow the narrative tempo down almost to zero: a condition of stasis in which the moment is held, like a musical note, for as long as she wishes it.
    • The limitations of heterodoxy such as those I have described above go some way towards accounting for inertia and stasis.
    • Blair has, it appears, accepted the reality that he can only expect limited successes in return for reverses - or at least stasis - in other areas.
    • The tension induced by this self-revulsion, at odds with his need for creative stasis, is born out of guilt.
    • I started the year in stasis and now things are moving.
    • Schools were adjuncts of pupils' social backgrounds and teachers were tasked to implement a curriculum which maintained both social hierarchy and stasis.
    • During such periods of stasis, most species exhibit no directional change.
    • With nothing going on but election manoeuvres, the end result is stasis, which is perhaps, as the young woman's placard suggests, what everyone wants.
    • The major feature of the fossil record is stasis, long periods in which new species do not appear.
    • The disembodied faces which we see through the darkness are recognisably human, but also immobile, as if physically caught in a state of Beckettian stasis.
    • If they come back to us and say there is hardly any money, we would be in stasis (a state of stagnation).