Translation of stately in Spanish:


majestuoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsteɪtli//ˈsteɪtli/

adjectivestateliest, statelier

  • 1

    (deportment/air) majestuoso
    a stately Victorian building un señorial edificio victoriano
    • It is these mighty prelates who gave Salzburg its stately buildings and living legacy of some of the grandest music ever written.
    • Outside the doors of these mansions and stately English homes, the First World War is brewing.
    • The Cathedral itself was just as beautiful, in a more grand and stately manner.
    • She owns the Borgo Storico Segheti Panichi, a gloriously imposing stately pile near Ascoli Piceno.
    • Hatchards specialise more in the sort of hardbacks that would look good on the bookshelves of the library in the west wing of one's stately mansion.
    • They are released now by officials anxious to dispel the myth that bishops, some of whom still occupy grand palaces and stately castles, enjoy a life of luxury.
    • Before long, Hoffman found himself in the grand lobby of a stately mansion.
    • Filmed by Romeike over nine months, it's a stately but impressive work.
    • They are admittedly livelier than his uncle's sole contribution, a stately architectural rendering of the Grand Canal in Venice on a rainy day.
    • James Dyson, the boss of Dyson's, has also just bought a stately mansion.
    • Its window bays were small and separated by brick columns that gave them a stately appearance.
    • And I was impressed with Warsaw and its restoration of that stately old city, and its energetic streets.
    • Kruger had made a trip to Europe in the late 1880s and was impressed by the stately buildings he saw there.
    • All in all, this is a bar that combines refined tastes with a stately elegance - be on your best behaviour then.
    • Then there was Deal, where we gawked at the mansions and stately summer houses.
    • The clothing, if not exactly regal, was stately, with students making their presence felt by arriving in whites.
    • It wasn't a shock to find that the last relative had died all alone in the stately mansion on Advenger Hill.
    • One name is in large, stately letters, almost twice the size of the author's.
    • Measured, stately and engaging over the long haul, Equal Area Series is a perfect set piece for the museum.
    • Hence, his pictures of dignified students and tradesmen, of elegant homes and stately churches emerge.