Translation of states' rights in Spanish:

states' rights

plural noun

  • 1

    (in US)
    derechos y atribuciones propias de cada estado de los EEUU
    • Proponents of states' rights and powers hold that the Constitution is a compact between the states and the federal government.
    • What an amazing theory: states' rights until big poppa federal government thinks the children have gotten out of hand.
    • On September 13, that court struck down a federal statute as an unconstitutional infringement of states' rights.
    • No one who believes in states' rights believes in unlimited states' rights.
    • Two key areas of conservative jurisprudence hit speed bumps in major rulings - property rights and federalism, or states' rights.
    • The moderates (there are no liberals) upheld federal power over states' rights which is consistent with their position.
    • Yet the area of environmental protection is marked by intense battles over states' rights and fears of federal encroachment.
    • This reminds me of the issues surrounding the Civil War, like states' rights and the role of the federal government.
    • The issue was states' rights versus a strong federal government.
    • If John Ashcroft were a true conservative, he'd respect states' rights and limited powers for the federal government.
    • Jeffersonian democracy is based on limited government, states' rights, local control, volunteerism and privatization.
    • And we have the whole struggle now between the federal government and states' rights on issues of the environment and energy.
    • Rohrabacher said the amendment was about states' rights and limiting the power of the federal government.
    • They argued that the bill would usurp states' rights and allow the central government to dictate the law enforcement policies of local authorities.
    • No one expects Roberts' views on states' rights vs. federal powers to derail his candidacy.
    • For forty years the Republican Party has preached the gospel of federalism and states' rights.
    • Hatcher continues in this cutting style for the first half of his closing piece on federalism and states' rights.
    • All of a sudden, liberals have discovered federalism and states' rights.
    • This can be explained by their strongly held belief in states' rights over federal might.
    • At the Supreme Court today, a case that gets to the heart of states' rights versus federal law.