Translation of statesman in Spanish:


estadista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsteɪtsmən//ˈsteɪtsmən/

nounPlural statesmen

  • 1

    estadista masculine
    hombre de estado masculine
    • The statesmen and foreign dignitaries have departed - but the World Summit show is not quite over.
    • The two statesmen signed an agreement to establish a bi-national commission between South Africa and Brazil.
    • He called for more effort on the part of all statesmen, politicians and church leaders to resolve the schism in the Orthodox church.
    • Now the attempt is being made to present him as a political statesman and martyr.
    • Minor world leaders get to be statesmen for a day, and tell their parliaments and electors that they are taking part in a world summit.
    • Northcliffe travelled widely and consorted freely with statesmen and politicians not to mention royalty.
    • He would like to see state and federal elected officials become statesmen not politicians.
    • A politician thinks of the next race, a statesman of the next generation.
    • Not only politicians and statesmen have the opportunity to practice creative speech.
    • An extraordinary spiritual leader and a courageous statesman is no more.
    • It's the outlaws and rebels that history often prefers to remember rather than the statesmen and leaders.
    • From now on, our leaders, our politicians, our statesmen will be fair game too.
    • For these are times when we expect our politicians to metamorphose into statesmen.
    • Responsible statesmen and stateswomen are not merely free, as sovereign rulers, to act in an expedient way.
    • The difference between a politician and a statesman is the degree of common sense and courage shown in difficult times.
    • He frequently dined out and, over the years, entertained a great variety of guests, from fellow impressionist artists to statesmen.