Translation of statistical in Spanish:


estadístico, adj.

Pronunciation /stəˈtɪstək(ə)l//stəˈtɪstɪk(ə)l/


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    • We can use statistical methods to analyse historic data and describe the variation.
    • He lectured and assisted with tutorial sessions and began to take an interest in statistical ideas.
    • It mostly seems to be used in an attempt to get statistical mathematics to do your thinking for you.
    • He has written on stochastic geometry and its applications, and the statistical theory of shape.
    • One way in which this can occur is when a statistical technique known as factor analysis is employed.
    • At the time of his death, his authority in German statistical circles was unrivalled.
    • An indicator variable for wave of survey was entered into all multivariate statistical analyses.
    • I soon found out that the German statistical literature did not offer too many ideas.
    • Somewhere along the line the truth had been buried, a statistical error made and a lie perpetuated.
    • All data were tested to determine if they met the assumptions of parametric statistical analysis.
    • This may represent a type I statistical error, despite the large sample size.
    • For statistical comparisons between the groups the Wilcoxon rank sum test was used.
    • He used his statistical expertise to develop a method to estimate aircraft vulnerability.
    • In this paper we use statistical techniques to examine data from two randomised controlled trials.
    • He attended Pearson's lectures and learnt how to go about statistical research.
    • It was at the Ministry of Agriculture that Kendall became involved in statistical work.
    • To perform statistical comparisons, we grouped monthly data together within each period.
    • We can now use the statistical arguments of the last section on each individual row.
    • As for statistical evidence, this would be much more valuable if it was more specific.
    • All statistical computations were done using the Statistical Analysis System.