Translation of status in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈstædəs//ˈsteɪdəs//ˈsteɪtəs/

nounPlural statuses

  • 1

    • 1.1(category, situation)

      member status categoría de socio feminine
      • the status of women la condición jurídica y social de las mujeres
      • what's his legal status? ¿cuál es su situación legal?
      • this will has no legal status este testamento no tiene validez
      • the group has no official status el grupo no está oficialmente reconocido como tal
      • before noun status inquiry consulta de situación financiera

    • 1.2social status

      posición social feminine
      estatus masculine

    • 1.3(kudos)

      estatus masculine
      prestigio masculine
      standing masculine
      • Even in a community steeped in wealth and status, the Tanners were a distinguished clan.
      • The quantity of grave goods varied, suggesting that rank and status were represented in death.
      • Most of them don't come from wealthy or influential families or have wealth or status in their own right.
      • I watched him grow through college and Minor ranks to Senior star status over the years.
      • In our country, we seem to have an innate resistance to thinking of business as a route to wealth or status.
      • Social status and political power would be nice, but being able to eat and live are more important.
      • Among some southern tribes, the number of cattle a family owns is a sign of wealth and status.
      • Individuals in the old regime were intensely concerned with questions of status and rank.
      • They were given power, wealth, office and status on condition that they kept the peace and adopted Roman ways.
      • Cheran enjoyed his new found status as an actor as fans mobbed him everywhere.
      • No points for guessing but this committee too is headed by Sonia, who enjoys Cabinet status.
      • Automobiles are difficult to obtain, and the ownership of a car is a symbol of wealth and high status.
      • On the one hand, it was a powerful tool to enhance or sustain personal and corporate power, wealth, and status.
      • Years after his fighting days he continued to enjoy legendary status in Latin America.
      • She had never been able to accept the notion of marrying for wealth or for status.
      • They were obviously very luxurious, and ownership implied great wealth and status.
      • There appears to be a growing percentage enjoying an upper class status in South Africa.
      • She said the status would also help boost the school's health and social care vocational work.
      • They had to be waited on hand and foot and the size of their household was a barometer of wealth and status.
      • Many observers noted that this system worked only as long as the officer enjoyed high social status.

  • 2

    (state, condition)
    situación feminine
    before noun status meeting reunión de seguimiento feminine
    • Too often, however, the chair of an academic meeting is determined by status rather than skill.
    • Kindly bear with us for another 2 working days and I can assure you that we will surely update you with the status.
    • What is the status of professional codes of ethics relative to federal regulations?
    • You are a person who can make friends in the highest social categories as well as with persons of an inferior status.
    • Should educational status determine the ability to row in a particular class of racing?
    • What is reported by journalists rapidly acquires the status of truth, whether or not it has actually happened.
    • The status field tells you whether the bill has been paid, is pending or is in dispute.
    • She toyed with them incessantly as she typed up the daily status and safety reports.
    • Deloitte and Touche publish an annual report on the financial status of the British game.
    • He added that an update on the status of the open source trials is expected at around the same time.
    • Updates on the health status of the injured were not returned as of press time.
    • While recent research on social capital has emphasized the importance of social ties that bridge heterogeneous groups and statuses, these results suggest that religion may be wanting in this respect.
    • It allows the battalion signal officer to fully manage the services within their battalion and report statuses to the brigade signal officer.
    • As described earlier the identity statuses are defined in terms of process, not content, variables.
    • We need to look at the social conventions governing the status of the creator of an image or artefact.
    • Allows facilities managers to fully control and report on the status of all parts, suppliers and equipment.
    • Their protected status means that marine life will continue to thrive and conditions will improve in both rivers.
    • This clarifies the status of certain MEAs, but does not provide a process for the approval of future MEAs.
    • These relative statuses may reflect an individual's age, gender, or social role or may reflect relationships among different social institutions.
    • I want regular reports on our status, and the legions are to be kept on constant alert.
    • These primal, foundational accounts describe aspects of the real, experienced world and humanity's role and relative statuses within it.
    • A spokesman for Aberdeen also refused to shed any light on the status of the bidding process.
    • The SHB annual report also reveals the status of a number of capital projects in the county.
    • Access to city spaces should be guaranteed by virtue of citizenship, but it is increasingly becoming a privilege conferred by status.
    • The hospitals were not named publicly in last year's report but were individually informed of their status.
    • We also asked about their parents' relationship statuses.
    • The armed forces consisted largely of amateur, part-time soldiers, and social and political statuses within a community were tied to military roles.
    • The new system involved a division of labour which accentuated differences and tension between high and lower status employees.
    • The fact that the pair are star athletes has led some to claim that the investigation into their alleged crimes was somehow hampered by their status in the community, a claim denied by local police.
    • The Status Board provides a 30 second update of the status of each Challenge team.
    • The feature is particularly good for information such as weather reports where you only want the latest status.
    • The Iceni revolted and were put down by force: the true status of the client kingdoms had now been made plain.
    • Competition for college places is shrinking the advantage that legacy status confers.
    • Research has shown that the statuses vary along a number of important social and personal dimensions.
    • When not sitting in a dark room, I devise ways of eating and drinking in fancy hotel restaurants for free, a pursuit hampered by my lowly status among the global press corps and my inability to introduce people to anybody famous or rich.
    • In human societies, as in primate groups, lower status means less personal control.
    • The goal of this brief review is to provide an update on the current status of the research on psyllium and health.
    • Further, in this research, gender differences in relation to identity statuses were explored on the composite identity scores.
    • When the husband dies the widow often loses her position in society as well as her legal status and financial support.
    • As he points out, winning a major wasn't easy for a British professional of his status.