Translation of status symbol in Spanish:

status symbol

símbolo de estatus, n.


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    símbolo de estatus masculine
    símbolo de prestigio masculine
    • Certainly in the thirteenth century possession of a private chapel was a status symbol, though lesser gentry families might well receive this privilege.
    • Llanelly House was at the cutting edge of architectural design when it was built in 1714 and an impressive status symbol of power and wealth for the tiny fishing town.
    • Over the last decade, being over 30 and unattached has more than lost its stigma, it has actually become a status symbol.
    • The beard is rather a sign of masculinity, partially religious commandment, a sign of ethnic affiliation or political avowal or simply a status symbol.
    • The bicycle represents a valued possession, a means of earning a living, a status symbol, a way of impressing girls.
    • But it is a butler that many people crave, not just because he is the ultimate status symbol and most overt way of flaunting wealth.
    • It was a status symbol of wealth and dignity to own a Shih Tzu.
    • Wearing a netsuke became a status symbol, and its style and value indicated the position and wealth of the person who was wearing it.
    • For the customers that we're selling to, the car is quite a status symbol in itself.
    • To Edinburgh it's a status symbol, marking it as a player in the consumer world.
    • Classic mid-century modern houses are the latest status symbol for the Hollywood A-list, reports John Arlidge
    • The perfume itself became a status symbol in the 1950s when Marilyn Monroe said that all she wore to bed were a few drops of Chanel no.5.
    • Having money is seen as sign of intelligence and it's a status symbol.
    • As man's most important piece of jewelry, your watch should be considered an investment and the ultimate status symbol.
    • More than any other regularly produced watch, owning a Rolex is an investment and a status symbol, more than it is a teller of time.
    • Having a film or television show set in your city is a statement of that city's value, a status symbol just as surely as a professional sports franchise or arena is.
    • Even if the cellular phone is not really considered a status symbol, it has become part of fashion, an accessory.
    • She says the lawn is simply a status symbol brought over from Europe where it was considered a sign of power and wealth.
    • In the 18th century, the powdered wig was a status symbol.
    • Now, cell phones are not a status symbol but a public nuisance.