Translation of statute in Spanish:


ley, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstætʃut//ˈstatʃuːt//ˈstatjuːt/


  • 1

    ley feminine
    by statute por ley
    • statute of limitations ley de prescripción
    • the university statutes el estatuto / los estatutos de la universidad
    • In reading the objectives, instructions and guidance the court is not construing a statute, or even subordinate legislation.
    • That seemingly innocuous statute implicitly included rules for classification and censorship.
    • We have precisely the same structure - a monopolistic, representation body endorsed by statute.
    • In choosing between these submissions we must first remind ourselves of the relevant provisions of statute and subordinate legislation.
    • The provision or the ability to suspend a sentence is provided by statute.
    • Congress has passed statutes making a defendant pay the fee of a plaintiff's lawyer if the plaintiff prevails in the case.
    • Rules are written to reflect the statutes passed in legislation.
    • In my judgment, that argument does less than justice to the fact that the review procedure is provided for by statute.
    • With this strong new federal interpretation of the act, states may now be able to add language to their own rules and statutes regarding state's control of exotic species.
    • It is not suggested in the present case that there was any liability for failure to exercise this power, either under the statute or at common law.
    • What I am saying is there may be a difference conceptually in placing a limitation on jurisdiction conferred by statute?
    • It is not entirely clear from this paper, it may be clear from the original: is this form of lease prescribed by statute or regulation?
    • But in all other contexts in ordinary criminal appellate statutes with which this country is familiar, what the jury did may not be ignored.
    • However the issue is decided by construction of the section of the statute not the common law.
    • Thus statutes were passed with the object of giving landlords a return sufficient to induce them to make accommodation available.
    • You can have a common law in the statute, I suppose, in some loose sense.
    • The jurisdiction to stay, although introduced by statute in the field of arbitration agreements, is in origin an equitable remedy.
    • The principles relating to interpretation of statutes require that the words of a statute be given the meaning which they bore at the time the statute was passed.
    • Parts 2 and 3 dealing with statutes and rules are already available in the market at lower prices.
    • It is one thing to prosecute to conviction and to take positive steps authorised by statute to confiscate the proceeds of crime from the convicted defendant.